Top Tips to Rework Your Wardrobe When You’re Broke

Being broke can be difficult for fashionistas who are desperate to keep up with the latest fashions and who want to look their best every day of the week. However, you do not have to spend a lot- or any- money to rework your wardrobe, and here is a list of some of the best top tips for those who are struggling to look and feel their best on an empty bank account.

1.   Shop at Stores with Coupons

If you feel the need to shop for new clothes, you should always try to shop at stores that offer discounts and coupons, as this will help you get the same fashions for a fraction of their normal price. This can put a lot less pressure on your bank account and allow you to pay your rent on time. At Valpak, they offer a range of coupons for fashion stores such as Old Navy,allowing you to get the looks that you desire for less.

2.   Consider Clothes Swaps

The old saying ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ applies to the fashion world. If your friends are also fashion-conscious, you should consider hosting a clothes swap where you can exchange the clothing items that each of you is bored of for free. This can help you get new styles for you, from someone that you know takes care of their clothes and is as interested in fashion as you.


3.   Focus on Your Accessories

If you do not have enough money to splash out on new outfits all the time, you should consider focusing on your accessories instead. Not only are accessories cheaper than larger clothing items, but they can completely transform your look and ensure that you can wear the same outfit multiple times without anyone even noticing that you are wearing the same style. The best accessories for reworking your look include scarves, shoes, hats, handbags, and jewelry.

rework cloth

4.   Rework Your Clothes

If you have any crafting skills to your name, you should consider putting them to good use to rework your old clothes into high fashion pieces. Whether you are looking to turn a pair of jeans into jean shorts to match the season, toe-dye a t-shirt, or want to embroider a pattern or patch onto a t-shirt or jacket, reworking your old clothes can help them to feel more personal while also allowing you to upgrade your wardrobe completely.

5.   Cycle Your Clothes

Do you easily become bored with your current clothes? If this is the case, you should consider putting your clothes in a cycle. To do this, you should pack the clothes you are tired of away and wear those you love for a couple of months. When you are fed up with these, you should swap these once-loved clothes out for those you put away months ago. You will find that you fall back in love with clothes that you once used to hate in many cases.