5 Ways to Personalize Your Style

If you don’t want to embrace the fleeting trends that many people will follow, you must adopt a unique style each season. Take the time to create distinctive outfits that will grab others’ attention and prove you have an eye for fashion.

Incorporating custom and rare pieces into your closet will not only help you to establish yourself as a forward-thinking fashionista, but it could boost your self-confidence each day. For inspiration on how to do so, here are five ways to personalize your style.

1. Describe Your Style

Your first job is to describe your desired style. For example, are you fun, colorful, and bold or polished, timeless, and elegant? Once you have described your desired look, you must sift through your closet to identify the clothing and accessories that reflect your description and then donate items that don’t match your personality.

2. Browse Vintage Stores

Don’t pay a substantial sum for clothing at a popular retailer. Browse vintage stores to update your clothing and accessories. A little digging could help you to find a stunning top or jacket that complements your style, and it’s likely to be much cheaper than items you could buy from a modern store. You also can guarantee that you won’t spot anyone else wearing your clothing when walking down a street.

3. Tailor Your Clothing

Every clothing item in your closet should fit you like a glove. Many budding fashionistas underestimate the importance of custom-made pieces, which is why you must find a good tailor. They will ensure your jeans, blazers, dresses, and coats fit your exact shape, and you can even personalize your clothing with different buttons, zips, and other features. For example, you could transform a vintage blazer into a modern, unique item for just a few dollars, and it could help you to create a distinctive style.

4. Tweak Your Footwear

Rather than throwing footwear away because it doesn’t match your clothing, look for ways to upcycle your shoes. For example, you could upgrade an old pair of sneakers or leather shoes with leather paint, and there are more than 60 colors to choose from. The affordable paint can transform shoes sitting in your closet, and you can use it on other leather goods, such as handbags, belts, and jackets.

5. Pick a Signature Color

If you look at many fashion icons’ outfits, you’ll likely notice they consistentlywear the same color. For example, Coco Chanel was partial to black, Beyoncé tends to wear gold or pink, and Kim Kardashian leans towards nude hues.

Stand out from the crowd by wearing colors that reflect your taste and personality. You also could wear a shade that ensures you both look and feel confident. For example, you might feel strong and powerful when wearing red, and you could always incorporateit by applying a signature lipstick color.

Don’t follow trends that will fall out of style next season. Look for ways to personalize your wardrobe, from tailoring your clothing to wearing a signature color.