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How To Know When Your Loved One Requires Senior Care

All older adults have aches and pains and forget things once in a while, but how do you know when a more serious problem is developing? Further, how do you know when it is time to get help? If you have noticed a loved one having difficulty caring for himself or herself, consider a few common problem areas and their associated care recommendations.

Difficulty With Everyday Tasks

Sometimes the normal tasks a person has always completed each day become a challenge all of a sudden. This may mean an older adult is no longer able to stand at the stove to cook a meal or to bend over to make a bed. If you have noticed that your loved one’s home is not as tidy as it used to be or the only thing he or she now cooks is microwaveable meals, it may be time to seek assistance. In situations where family members are unable to provide the necessary care, many people look into home care options or even adult foster care Massachusetts. The caregivers who are equipped to provide this type of assistance are usually not medically trained but are able to help with many necessary tasks. These can be great options if your loved one is not ready to make the transition to a facility of some sort.

Mental Impairment

If you notice that your loved one is getting lost or confused in a way that could be dangerous, you may wish to look into other types of care. You may look for a nursing home abuse attorney to confirm your service against money.  Depending on how severe the problem is, older adults may be able to remain in their homes in this situation; however, it is often necessary to have a caregiver present full-time. A unique form of care you could consider is day programs for older adults. This might meet your loved one’s needs if he or she is able to stay with you overnight. Be sure to monitor symptoms carefully, as dementia differs from common memory troubles as a person ages.

Physical Health Concerns

If your loved one has physical health problems that require frequent medical attention, your safest option may be a skilled nursing facility. Licensed professionals will be able to administer medicine and other treatments and monitor your loved one around the clock.

There are a variety of options available to seniors in need of assistance today. Consider which choice is the best for your loved one, being sure to take into account physical needs as well as emotional and relational ones.