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How to Upgrade Your Commercial Shopping Center

If the time has come to upgrade your commercial shopping center because you’re ready to attract new clients, then begin with the outward appearance. Judgments are formed on how well a property is kept, so breath new life into yours with a few simple tricks.

Parking Lot

No one likes trying to navigate a rutted parking lot, so start with a repaving or pothole repair if necessary. Evaluate what needs to be fixed to make your parking lot pristine.  Fix any broken curbs or exposed rebar. Not only will your lot look better, but it could also save you the litigation that might occur if someone damages their car driving through your lot. Repaint any dingy or faded lines or directional arrows. Finally, hire street sweepers Washington to give the parking lot a good wash down and clean up.


A nicely landscaped parking lot tells the public much about the businesses who set up shop there as well as the management company. Bright seasonal flowers are a must especially at entryways and exits. Do not let plants wither and die. Once they start to lose their luster, replace them. Lighted signs also speak of care. You’re more likely to drive business to your shopping center if it’s easy to find. It is also less likely that illegal activities happen in your parking lot after hours if the place is well lit. Everybody likes to park in the shade, so consider planting a row of trees down the center line of your lot. If customers feel like they are getting a better shopping experience overall, they are more likely to return to your center.

Garbage Bins

Many shopping centers do not provide garbage bins because management does not want the extra expense of having to maintain them. However, the consequence of not having cans readily available is trash in the parking lot. Providing trash cans says that you care about the look of your center and expect others to treat it well.


Security at shopping centers has become increasingly important over the last few years. One or two security guards will probably not stop every single car theft, but they will surely cut down the numbers. The most destructive type of publicity for your shopping center is to have its name synonymous with crime.

There is plenty of competition in the leasing of retail spots. To make yours stand out to both companies and consumers, go the extra mile to make shopping at your shopping center a positive experience from the outset.