Four Tips for Upgrading Your Garage

Whether you plan to sell your home soon or on the twelfth of never, you’ve probably contemplated making improvements. Older homes tend to require updates to kitchens and bathrooms. Newer houses may benefit from yard updates, including the addition of a deck or landscaping. Upgrading your garage may not be high on the list, but it should. Here are a few tips for adding value with garage improvements.

Steel Doors

A steel door is a great way to upgrade your garage. They are especially durable, resisting dings and scratches from hail and windblown debris. They also don’t warp, stretch or rot due to moisture. Steel doors offer insulation and energy efficiency benefits also. The foam core boosts the insulation of your garage, potentially lowering your energy bills. A new steel door also helps to seal cracks, preventing leaves and other debris from being blown inside. It also helps to keep out unwanted critters. Fully customizable, you can achieve a number of different looks with a steel door, adding curb appeal to your home.

Upgraded Flooring

The default concrete slab flooring found in most garages is prone to staining and can be difficult to keep clean. Concrete is porous and susceptible to moisture seepage which can lead to problems in the long term. Consider upgrading your floor with an epoxy finish. Epoxy floors are durable and easy to clean and maintain. Whether you use the garage for vehicle storage or turn it into a workspace, an epoxy floor provides an attractive, long-lasting floor surface. Available in many colors and configurations, you are sure to find something pleasing.

Overhead Storage

Instead of taking up valuable floor space, consider installing storage space overhead. If your garage has exposed wooden beams, an overhead storage solution may be as simple as strategically placed plywood boards. More sophisticated systems made of plastic and metal are also available. Consider a motorized system that can be raised and lowered for easy retrieval and storage of items.

Car Door Guards

If you park your car close to a wall, you should consider adding car door guards. They protect your walls from dings from the door. These relatively inexpensive guards are available in a number of styles. Often, garages are too tight to allow doors to be fully opened. Although you may be careful, sometimes they swing open and hit the nearest object which is usually a wall.

When it comes to home improvements, a garage may not be the first room that springs to mind. These simple upgrades offer benefits in livability, maintenance and cost savings. Consider them for taking your garage and home to the next level.