Budget Tips for Looking Your Best on a Night Out

The feeling of going out and having your friends compliment how fabulous you look is a wonderful feeling. This doesn’t have to be reserved just for the times you can afford to get your hair and makeup done at a salon, however, you can look just as great after getting ready at home! Here are some budget tips for looking amazing on a night out.

Use a Hair Oil Treatment

The night before your event put an oil treatment in your hair. If you wrap your hair in an old t-shirt, you can then sleep in it, and when you wash it out the next day, you will be left with luxuriously smooth locks. From there, you can style it any way you want, but the oil will give you a base that is sure to give you a good hair day.

Do a Face Mask

Give your skin an extra drink of hydration by doing a face mask the night before or the morning of the night out. You will give yourself a glow before you’ve even applied any makeup!

Find Clothing Deals

If you’re tired of your wardrobe, then have a look around for deals on a new item piece. Forever 21 coupons will give you a load of savings and allow you to explore a variety of new clothing. So, if you’re thinking about getting a little black dress, you don’t have to empty your purse for it!

Watch Makeup Tutorials

Not everyone is as precise at makeup as makeup artists, but you can get close! Follow some makeup tutorials on YouTube and learn the different techniques that make a variety of effects. If you have the time, take an evening before the night out and practice some of the looks you might want for your night out. You never know, you might just find you really suit a smoky eye or bold eyeliner!

Get Ready with a Friend

Friends give the best advice, so try pairing up when you get ready and ask them for their opinion on what you’re wearing. They might help you avoid wearing something disastrous! Having a friend there will also help if you need a little hairstyling at the back, or if there’s a part of makeup you’re no good at.

Focus on One Statement Piece

Instead of feeling like you should purchase a whole new outfit to wear on your night out,focus on a statement piece. This will give your outfit the lift it needs, but you won’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Have a look at what you already own, whether it’s a pair of shoes you haven’t touched for a while or a handbag with a bold print, and pair it with your chosen outfit.

Smile! A smile is the best accessory you can bring to an evening. No matter what you wear or how beautifully your hair is styled, it is your attitude that people will notice most of all. So, take out a positive attitude, and enjoy your night with friends!