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5 Things You Should Do During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year when friends and families get together and have a great time. From putting up the Christmas tree to decorating festive cookies and wrapping gifts, there are plenty of things you can do to make you feel all warm and fuzzy during the festive season. Here are some great examples of things you should do to help you get into the spirit of Christmas.

1.   Ice-Skating

A classic winter past-time, ice-skating can be a lot of fun (as well as a challenge!) Even if you’re not the most graceful skater on the ice, it’s a great way to put yourself into the festive spirit and enjoy some time with your friends and family. Just be careful not to fall face-first onto the ice or knock over any other skaters on the rink! Perhaps practice around the edge of the rink for a few laps before you glide off into the crowds.

2.   Christmas Markets

Christmas markets originate from Germany, and they have captured the hearts of those who love this time of year all over the world. They have become so popular, in fact, that you can find a Christmas Market in most towns and cities in countries that celebrate Christmas, and they certainly help to get you in the mood for the holidays. Enjoy some delicious food and mulled wine or eggnog as you wander through the stalls, and perhaps even pick up a gift or two while you’re there.

3.   Donate to Charity

While it’s a time to indulge and enjoy yourself, the holidays are also a time of giving. To give back this year and help others have a better Christmas, donate to a charity of your choosing or think of ways you can raise money to help. The American Red Cross also runs a holiday giving program, where you can donate money in someone’s name as an alternative gift. Perhaps think about doing this with your friends or family this year as a way you can all support others around the world.

4.   Watch Festive Movies

With the weather much colder and the dark skies, you might be tempted to snuggle down on the couch and hibernate. If this sounds like heaven to you, why not enjoy some of your favoritefestive movies while you warm yourself with hot cocoa as the snow falls outside? Whether you do this solo or with a company, it’s a perfect way to relax over the holiday season.

5.   Read Christmas Stories

If you want to enjoy some time away from your TV, tablet, or computer, pick up a good book instead. Reading is a great past-time, and there are plenty of Christmas or wintry tales that you can get lost in over the festive period, too. If you have kids, reading them some kid-friendly tales before bed is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit together. Make your holiday season magical by making sure you tick all of these fun, festive activities off your list!