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Summer Home Renovation Project

What does summer mean to us? The image of BBQ parties and spending time by the swimming pool floats in. A famous saying, though, we all may be familiar with is, the best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. There is some true wisdom in this saying. Warm summers are calling you outside so that you can start a summer home renovation project. Start planning your seasonal renovation now. The coming months are ideal for projects requiring a well-ventilated space or your outdoor presence. Make the perfect use of your summer break by renovating your house. It will not only beautify it but will also add value to it. There are plenty of ways to go about summer renovation projects. Here are just a few of the best renovating tips:

Fixing Windows and Doors

Replacing old windows and doors with new ones lend good looks to your place both inside and outside. Windows are an essential part of having a comfortable home. Fixed windows keep the heat inside during winter, while they protect you from humidity during summer. Fixing windows can cost you anywhere from 200$ to 1300$. You should go for well-established brands instead of cheaper low quality alternatives. In the long run, quality windows are highly cost efficient. New and better windows can greatly cut down your home energy costs. They are a high return investment. Of course, it is not necessarily the case that you need to replace your windows. Sometimes a nice rubbing and cleaning can do the trick just as well. Clean your windows both from the outside as well as the inside and welcome the sunlight.

Remodeling your Kitchen

Summer is the ideal time to cook outside. While you are vacating your kitchen, you might as well give it an upgrade. You are highly recommended to switch to the use of propane or “made in America” gas. Do a bit of research. Ask questions, like how is propane made to understand the full benefits of using propane gas in your home. Remodeling your kitchen is also a high return investment. You do not need to spend a great amount of money either. You can always choose to refurbish instead of replacing kitchen parts. You can reface and refurbish your kitchen cabinets, for example. Experiment with cabinet door styles and veneer samples. Choose the ones that look the best against the backdrop of your kitchen.

Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning gutters is one of the most crucial tasks in terms of home maintenance. Gutters protect your home by collecting run-off water and diverting it away from your roof and from the foundation of your home. Gutters are mostly blocked by leaves and dirt. Cleaning gutters is one of the most neglected practices when it comes to home repair. Use a pair of gloves to remove the debris from your gutter. Make sure you have a sturdy ladder and a bucket to collect the debris and dirt. After removing all the blockage, spray in some water with a water hose to remove any leftover dirt. Sagging or leaking gutters need replacement. It is advisable to install new gutters instead of trying to repair old ones. If for no other reason, new installations can make your home look tidy and beautiful.

Fixing your Roof

The average lifespan of a roof is 15-20 years. Signs that you need to fix your roof are leakages and missing shingles. Delaying your roof renovation could make the leakages worse. It can easily result in a moldy home. Water damage, rot, and mold are greatly reducing the value of your house. Cold winter and a roofing project is not a great combination for understandable reasons. Moreover, shingles need heat from the sun to form an airtight seal. While you can fix some worn out areas of your roof yourself, with a full replacement you should trust a professional.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is our best friend during the hot summer months. You should clean the air conditioner every once in a while, but certainly before switching it on after a long time of nonuse. If your AC is not working properly, it can quickly lead to high electric bills. Taking out the filters and cleaning them does not take much effort. While you are at it, also make sure the condensation hose is not clogged up.

Use any or all of these methods to give your home a boost. If you decide to move and sell it, it will have a greater value. If you are to stay, then it will look like you just moved into a new home.