snow roof

The Dangers of Snow Build Up on a Roof

When winter is in full effect and snow is pouring down on a regular basis, most people are quick to shovel sidewalks and scrap off their vehicles. However, they fail to realize they should also remove snow from their home’s roof.

Snow may seem light, but as it builds upon a roof, it can cause serious damage that leads to issues that will impact your whole home. It is not something to ignore.

Too Much Snow

A snowfall of an inch or even two usually is not cause for concern. The sun can melt it away from your roof as the day goes on. However, when you have excessive snowfall where the measurements are in feet, it becomes a huge problem.

According to USA Today, per square foot, wet snow weighs about 21 pounds. If it refreezes, the ice can add to the weight. It comes in per square foot at 57 pounds. The average roof will probably need removal when you get about two feet of snow built up.

Serious Damage

The biggest concern about excessive weight on your roof is a collapse. You should learn your roof snow load measurement to ensure it never gets to this point.

Beyond a total collapse, snow build-up can also lead to structural issues inside your home from the stress on the roof. You may also have to deal with damage to your roof materials, cracks in your drywall, and ceiling leaks.

Removing the Snow

Do note that if you have a steep roof or one made of aluminum or other smooth material, gravity will help remove the snow for you. So, even if you do get two feet of snowfall, there may not be that much build up on your roof. However, there may come a point when you do get too much snow.

While the solution to too much snow on your roof is to remove it, this is easier said than done. Any work at a height is risky. When you add slippery conditions into the mix, it becomes a seriously hazardous situation. Doing your own snow removal is not usually a good idea.

You need to have the safety equipment and proper tools to avoid injuries and damaging your roof. In most cases, it is best to leave it up to a professional.

Avoid the Hazards

Keeping your home safe and avoiding trouble with your roof in the winter is all about paying attention. Make sure your roof is in good shape and know the snow load it can handle.