Summer self-care activities

Summer self-care activities if you’re not ready to socialize

2020 was a strange year, and while some people are excited to get back to normal in the next few weeks, it’s acceptable to go at your own pace if you don’t yet feel comfortable with socializing.

Those struggling with anxiety over the past year or people who simply want to focus on their own mental wellbeing can benefit from dedicating time to self-care.

But rather than having a relaxing soak in the bath in the middle of the hottest season, we’re sharing several self-care activities that are perfect for the summer months.

Relax outdoors

Just because you don’t want to hang out with people doesn’t mean you should stay in and watch Netflix for the 13th month running.

Instead, take a blanket and a good book and get lost in a fictional world while enjoying the sunshine. Either head to the garden or visit your local park. If you struggle reading in the bright sunshine, get yourself a pair of reading sunglasses at


Again, if you don’t have any outdoor space, you could always rent an allotment. Gardening is a great analog hobby that helps you stay mindful. With so much to think about – from which flowers to plantto how much water to use – it’s much easier to relax and stay present. Plus, if you do pluck up the courage, you can always invite some friends to your new garden for a barbeque.

Turn up the tunes

A summer playlist is the perfect way to wake up and feel fresh. So sit down and update your Spotify with all your favorite summery tunes. No sad ballads are allowed!With the right soundtrack, a long drive or even household chores don’t seem as bad, so creating your summer playlist will help you stay productive and jolly, even if you’re not venturing out of the house.

Keep tabs on the local community

Scour the local papers, community hall, and Facebook groups to see what’s going on. You might find the perfect little event to kickstart your social life, or you might find like-minded people who aren’t quite ready for it all. If you’re living in a small village, it can be easy to assume that the city is where it’s all happening. But you’ll be surprised about how much is actually happening in your area. Plus, if you want to bail last minute, you’ve not wasted money on travel.

Have a picnic

Even on a workday, a little alfresco lunch will break up the day nicely. If you have the chance to book an hour out of your day to head outside for lunch, definitely do – it’s the perfect way to clear your head and get some vitamin D before an afternoon of emails and meetings.

On the weekend, take to the countryside and find a secret spot for tea and cake.

It’s a big year. If you’re not feeling up to having people round or diving into a busy social schedule, there’s nothing to say you can’t take a step back and focus on self-care.