How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Aside from perhaps Christmas, Halloween is one of the unhealthiest national holidays in the calendar, due to the copious amount of sweets and treats that trick-or-treaters are encouraged to consume.

It’s also one of the booziest holidays of the year, especially if it falls on the weekend as it does this year.There will likely be plenty of scary parties and gatherings that won’t do your liver or kidneys any good.

People may scoff at the idea of a healthy Halloween, due to how synonymous the holiday is with unhealthy behavior; however, you don’t have to compromise on the fun to have a beneficial time. Here are some great ways you can have a healthy Halloween.

Maintain a Good Diet Before and After

If you’re worried about the high sugar intake during Halloween, let it be of some comfort that a one-day binge isn’t likely to do serious damage to your health. What willhave a bigger impact is what is eaten on a day-to-day basis, so as long as you encourage a good and healthy diet the week before and after, you should end up limiting any damaging effects, if there are any at all.

Of course, if you’re still worried about the volume of treats, you can always try creating your own healthy snacks. Some good options include:

  • Orange foods to match the theme, such as carrot sticks or baked sweet potato fries. You can also create some green ‘slime’ by using guacamole.
  • Low-fat vanilla yogurt and canned pumpkin smoothies.
  • Baked apples coated with cinnamon, nuts, and honey

Make Your Own Costumes

When talking about health, we also must consider environmental health, too. Halloween generates a huge carbon footprint, mostly down to the one-off costumes people buy, wear once and likely dispose, meaning that creating your own look from items you already have at home is great way to reduce this impact.

Of course, there may be some items you’ll have to gather to complete the outfit, such as makeup and special effects items, and these can be gathered at a discount with a Spirit Halloween Coupon.

Some great recycled Halloween costumes include creating awesome monsters and ghouls from spare cardboard or using unwanted clothing to turn into spooky outfits.

Limit Leftover Candy

Perhaps the unhealthiest aspect of Halloween isn’t the fact that there’s lots of sweets, it’s that there are a lot of sweets left over for the days afterwards. Due to this, it’s a good idea to try and put in measures to limit the consumption, while also not restricting it completely.

Try and enjoy the candy in a mindful manner and put limits in place to make sure you and others don’t eat too much. A good tactic to ensure this is to place the leftover candy in a location that’s out of site and hard to access. You may find after doing this that it’s forgotten about, meaning they can be a nice treat or surprise every once in a while.