5 Fashion Trends to Slay This Summer

Summer is well and truly here, and despite the awkward circumstances around it, it is set to be one of the trendiest yet, with a lot of people getting creative with their outfits and clothing. Here are some smoking hot trends you should be aware of, to help you dress the best and slay the summer.


Due to the extra emphasis of staying at home over the last few months, a lot of us have started to appreciate the comfort and versatility of activewear. Items such as yoga pants, sweatshirts and trainers are expected to come out this summer in a big way. It’s a style that could work too, as it isn’t too dissimilar from streetwear, meaning that these two distinct trends can marry really well and create something both unique and eye catching.

Activewear garments are a great way to highlight your features but be sure to wear them in appropriate settings. Generally, you wouldn’t want to wear sweatpants at a socially distanced party, unless you’re feeling bold and know how to wear them properly.

Bermuda Shorts

This trend may be another hangover from the investment people have made into comfort, but Bermuda shorts are in right now, and they’re both super cute and strike the perfect balance between relaxed and formal.

These types of shorts are traditionally longer than the standard pair, and hit either just above, below or right at the knee. They can be worn in block colors, they work really well in pastel tones, or can have smart patterns and stripes if going for a smart-casual look. These shorts are also office appropriate when paired with a buttoned shirt, meaning they’re great if you find yourself back at work during the hotter months. Bermuda shorts can be found at many stores, but you may get them cheaper with Kohls coupons.

Pink and Orange

This color combination is set to hijack summer and give it a burst of fun and color that it desperately needs. These two colors create an eye catching and playful outfit, while radiating warmth. They work great on long dresses and skirts, but also with workout gear. There’s also a huge number of patterns these can work on, especially polka dots, alternating stripes and even block shades.

Punk Boots With Dresses

This is a look that’s come straight out of the 90s and is an empowering piece due to how it plays with feminine and masculine troupes. This combination creates an interesting juxtaposing outfit, as you mix the aggressiveness and power of the boots with the sweetness of a flowy dress. These two items work well to create an eye-catching look that works great with both bold patterns and toned down colors equally well.

Pastel Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are an effective yet stylish way to keep your head and eyes protected from the harsh sunlight of summer. Being somewhat reminiscent of the 1920s cloche hat, these items are a little bit more relaxed and can be worn with almost anything. The pastel color helps keep the look timeless, suggesting it could be a trend that stays with us way into the future.