How to Age Gracefully

anti aging

To term “aging gracefully” gets used time and time again, but what exactly does it mean? One definition that most people can agree on is that it’s about growing old with authenticity and style. If you look happy and healthy as you get older, chances are people will think you have aged gracefully. For some … Read moreHow to Age Gracefully

Trendy Outfit Ideas to Keep Your Swank Style

Trendy Outfit Ideas

Embracing the latest trends and flaunting fashionable outfits is a great way to boost your mood and make sure that you look and feel amazing throughout your day. Fight fatigue and elevate your confidence by giving your wardrobe the occasional va-va-voom to make sure you’re staying stylish and modern with your ensemble choices. Whether you’re … Read moreTrendy Outfit Ideas to Keep Your Swank Style

The Top 3 Beauty Resolutions for 2021

Beauty Resolutions

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels While you may find yourself creating new year’s resolutions based on things like weight loss, a healthier diet, or even wellness/relaxation regimens, you’re probably forgetting to consider one important element of these lifestyle goals, your skin! The new year is the perfect time to consider how your habits affect … Read moreThe Top 3 Beauty Resolutions for 2021