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What Does Your Face Shape Say About You?

The face is a very interesting part of our body, from being the home for our eyes and mouth, to being able to adorn different hairstyles and presenting ourselves, our face can say so much about us. So much technology is now based on the uniqueness of our face, for example with facial recognition and the way we navigate life is largely based on our faces. The way we cut our hair to the types of glasses we choose  is often based on our face shape so it’s just another way that our face shape contributes to our everyday decisions when it comes to our looks. There are 7 basic face shapes that can loosely categorise the face shapes that are out there.

Oval Face Shape 

An oval face shape is a long general shape and is longer than it is wide. The lower part of the face, the jaw, is narrower than the cheekbones. This  face shape is often considered the most proportional in terms of symmetry, as it is in an oval shape. A recent report in Science Daily found that men and women with longer faces may have a tendency to be less sexually orientated in comparison to those with wider set face shapes.

Round Face Shape 

The round face shape does exactly what it says on the tin and is round by nature. It is often categorised by a wide hairline and fullness in the face, particularly in the cheeks. Some people often refer to a round face as being a ‘baby face’ and can sometimes be associated with being more trustworthy. An article on Fast Company posited that people with a round face are often perceived as being more innocent than mature faced people. This of course isn’t a hard and fast rule, but is a very interesting observation.

Square Face Shape 

The square face is when the lower part of the face and the upper part of the face are wide set. The hairline and jawline are often parallel to each other. This type of face shape is often long and narrow on the sides and wide on the top and bottom. Reports have shown that mn with more wide and square face shapes often have a higher sex drive and may have a tendeny to be unfaithful with their partners. Having a square face doesn’t always equate to having a high sex drive, but there has been a noted correlation here.

Diamond Face Shape

 A diamond face shape when the face typically has a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. It is quite a common face shape. According to The Stir people with diamond faces are often assumed to be perfectionists and those with longer faces were less inclined to be angry or frustrated in comparison to those with shorter faces. Experts in face reading have also noted that people with diamond shaped faces are excellent communicators.


Pear Shaped Face 

A pear shaped face, which often bears resemblance to a triangle face, is when the face has a narrow forehead and a larger jawline.The prominence of the jawline is often what is noteworthy when looking at a pear shaped face. The prominence of a jawline and chin can often be associated with someone being a threat. A University of Warwick study found that an inverted triangular shaped face or an inverted triangle face is often perceived as untrustworthy upon first impression. It is interesting as in movies, films and books the villains are often shown to have this kind of face shape and is associated with being mean and spiteful.

Heart Shaped Face

A heart shaped face is when the forehead is wider and the chin is narrower, just like the loose shape of a heart. Allure Magazine outlined that those with heart shaped faces are often considered as creative and affectionate. Making other people feel special is a trait that is said to be paired with having a heart shaped face. The urge to keep active and occupied with this face shape type, so you won’t be catching them being idle. 

Oblong Shaped Face 

 An oblong face is a face that comes with length. A very long and narrow face structure is what accounts for an oblong face. Researchers have attributed to facial proportions being proportional to the amount of testosterone in a man which could explain why longer faced men may typically be considered as having a lower sex drive.

These basic face shapes can essentially be spotted on anyone and the reach surrounding them is of course not set in stone, but provides an amazon insight into how certain face shapes result in different opinions about a person in society.