5 Signs It’s Time To Hire a Professional Plumber

Some home repairs are easy for any weekend warrior to tackle, and many folks are tempted to take on small projects on major systems like plumbing. However, even for the handiest homeowner, there are certain problems that should have you searching for an Austin plumber. Before you get in over your head, know the signs for when it’s time to call a professional.

You Have No Water

Having no running water in your home is definitely a problem since your family won’t be able to drink, bathe, and wash dishes or clothes until it’s solved. If you’ve already ruled out the obvious causes such as a faulty tap or a neighborhood problem, it’s time to call in a professional to diagnose and resolve the issue. It could simply be that old or worn-out pipes need replacing, or it could be a larger issue with your water main. Either way, hiring someone who can figure out how to get your faucets flowing again is crucial.

You Smell Gas

If your home is equipped with natural gas service, you need to pay attention to that telltale rotten-egg scent anywhere in your home. It’s possible that gas is escaping from appliances or utilities, and the safest way to find the source and stop the leak is by finding a plumbing company Austin to help.

You Smell Sewage

More than just being terribly unpleasant, smelling sewer gas is often a sign that something isn’t right. Sure, small problems like a dried drain seal can be the culprit, but so can big problems like a ruptured sewer main or damaged venting system, so it’s best to leave it to the pros.

You Can’t Flush

There’s nothing more troubling than having a toilet that won’t flush. If nothing will go down at all, there may be a clog that requires a plumber’s snake to break up. Dealing with sewage is not for the faint of heart and requires specialized tools that most homeowners don’t keep on hand.

You Have Sewage Backing Up

Sewage backing up into the home through multiple drains must be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. Not only does it indicate a problem with the sewage system, it also creates an unsanitary environment that could put you and your family at risk for disease.

There’s nothing wrong a little do-it-yourself work around the house, but knowing when to call a professional plumber is the most valuable skill you can acquire.