Ways to Entertain the Family on a Camping Trip

You planned a camping trip with your family and already warned the kids that smartphones and devices are not allowed once you reach the forest. Although some children aren’t fond of vacationing without digital entertainment, most campsites aren’t equipped with Wi-Fi, and some sites are located in isolated areas where cell phone service is non-existent. Camping may be a struggle for families that are unfamiliar with the great outdoors, but you can avoid an unpleasant experience by keeping your group entertained with activities like hiking, fishing, playing music, and cooking.

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A great way to enjoy the land around your campsite is to take your group on a hike. Hiking is a simple way to stay fit during vacation, and you may be lucky enough to observe the wildlife living in the area. Before leaving the site, you should ensure that your group has adequate water, snacks, rain gear and mosquito bite relief. If your site is in a national park, you may run into trails or areas that are closed to the public. Some sections are closed for renovations and can be hazardous to hike through. You can check on the park’s restrictions by examining its website.


Fishing is another way to spend quality time with your friends and family on a camping trip. For a more active form of fishing, you can try fly fishing. Some beginner fishers become bored with traditional fishing, but fly fishing requires you to be in constant motion. Summer is an ideal time for fly fishing in many parts of the country because you can wade into the cool water while you fish.

Playing Music

A camping trip wouldn’t be the same without a little campfire music. Keep your group entertained with an outdoor concert and encourage them to join the fun. An acoustic guitar, harmonica or recorder are ideal camping instruments, but before you play, check the local noise ordinances and respect the nearby campers. If your group isn’t interested in playing instruments, you can bring a radio for some background music.


The campsite is a great location to teach your kids some necessary cooking skills. Try assigning tasks to different members of your group to prepare a large dinner or lunch. For the little ones, you can demonstrate how to build a cooking fire and how to perform simple functions like boiling water for grits or pasta.

It may seem challenging to keep your group entertained on a camping trip. By engaging in planned outdoor activities and maintaining a flexible schedule, you and your family can enjoy your vacation away from the modern world.