4 Things Business Owners Should Have Checked Yearly

While you focus on customer relations and product sales, business owners should also concentrate some efforts into their establishment’s safety and structural integrity. The overall maintenance is important in providing a location for your place to grow in an environment that is secure. After all, employees and customers should have a sense of contentment and ease when contacting your company.

1. Exit Operations

Agoraphobia is a really thing. People can feel feeling trapped in confined spaces. In times of a disaster, it’s even more important that everyone feel comfortable with the exit strategies. Therefore, you should have windows, elevators and doors checked out regularly to ensure that they function properly. Handles, locks and automated door safety compliance should be on your list for annual inspections.

2. Roofing

At least once, of not twice a year, have a roofer look over the shingles and flashing. Severe weather systems, heat and age can impact its durability, creating cracks and damaging caulk. By having someone go up on top, you may be able to locate water issues early, avoiding saturation and mold growth. In addition, clean out gutters and trim any foliage. Broken tree branches could break during storms, slamming into your sides and roof. Try and create a clearance, if possible.

3. Plumbing Systems

What isn’t seen isn’t always considered. For example, you use your sinks and toilets every day. If something broke, you’d likely fix it. However, what about the pipes in the wall? They too can rust or break, leaking into the dry wall. When this starts, it may not be noticeable right away. Unfortunately, though, caught late, it could be costly to fix. Instead, try to be proactive, having plumbers look over your utility lines. You might also check your utility bills. Any major escalations in price should be questioned. Leak detection agencies can complete a thorough overview of the property.

4. HVAC Units

Cool, dry temperatures are not only comfortable, but they help safeguard the building from moisture trouble; thus, a functional air handler is vital to providing air quality and environmental control. Biannually have service crews assess the unit, fixing any concerns. While present, they can test the humidity levels, offering suggestions on how to improve overall atmospheric quality. Get them to look in the vents too. Mold spores can thrive in there, spreading throughout the rooms. A good scrubbing is recommended every few years.

Create a schedule to organize your various checkpoints. This could help you stay on track and avoid any large-scale disruptions.