What To think About Before Buying a Horse

Horses are loyal companions that can take you on trail rides or allow you to compete in various equestrian events. Becoming a horse owner is a big responsibility because they require so much care and maintenance, so there are several things you need to consider before buying a horse. Ask yourself these three questions to know if you are ready to be a responsible horse owner.

Can You Afford the Expenses?

It takes a significant amount of money to care for a horse properly. Even if you have plenty of land for the animal to graze on, you’ll need to supply supplemental hay and grain. You’ll also need tack if you intend to ride your horse. Vet expenses should also be considered. An accident or illness can cost you an astronomical amount in vet bills so you may want to get horse medical insurance to help you afford medical problems.

Is Your Property Big Enough?

Not only do you need a barn big enough to shelter your horses, but you also need to have plenty of land for them to graze on. You should plan to have up to two acres of grazing land available for each horse that you own. The fields should also be fenced in with a high metal or wooden fence that is regularly maintained to ensure the safety of your animals.

Are You Prepared for the Responsibility?

Horses require daily care and supervision so you shouldn’t buy a horse if you aren’t prepared for the time commitment. They need to be fed every morning and evening and should also be exercised regularly so they stay in shape and don’t become bored and mischievous.

Owning horses is a big responsibility but they can be wonderful companions. Answering these three questions can help you decide if you are ready for the time commitment.