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Women’s Fashion: 10 Myths to Dispel

Women’s fashion represents a particularly relevant slice of fashion design. Characterized by lines, shapes, and colors substantially different from men’s, women’s fashion is characterized by pastel shades, colorful combinations, and light and delicate shapes. However, women’s fashion design is traversed by antiquated, decidedly antiquated prejudices and preconceptions. In this regard, let’s go to the discovery of 10 myths to dispel in the field of women’s fashion!

  1. Denim above and denim below? Yup!

Who said the denim suit couldn’t find space in women’s outfits? Often, in the conception of a female outfit, it is believed to create a gap between the upper and lower clothing item to create a contrasting look. However, it is a bias. In a sector that looks more and more to urban fashion, daring with a double garment in jeans is certainly legitimate.

  1. Green light to the combinations between blue and black

One of the best-known prejudices in the fashion industry concerns the impossibility of creating combinations between blue and black. The concept of outfits having two dark shades as protagonists would not be recommended due to the inability to create an effective contrast. Even in this case, however, nothing is more ancient than remaining anchored to a somewhat… stupid prejudice. Not a single catwalk does not present at least one item of clothing or a dress featuring a combination of black and blue! Go ahead, therefore, to the combination of the Splendid down jacket, in light blue color and present in our autumn/winter 19/20 catalog, and a nice pair of black velvet trousers. Blue and black is great combination to visit party, bars and even real money pokies online.

  1. The horizontal lines are not greasy

Chubby women strictly avoid clothing conceived with a design consisting mainly of horizontal stripes. The lines would be able to highlight the body’s shapes, especially if these were particularly abundant. We are facing another prejudice, which can be overcome simply by taking a little trick. Rather than opting for dresses or sweaters with thick horizontal stripes, try wearing a garment with thinner stripes … et voilĂ ! The lines will avoid highlighting your curves.

  1. Yes to men’s clothing in women’s fashion

In an era crossed by a mix of genders and sexes, even fashion could not remain exempt from the revolution and the mixture of styles. In hindsight, a revolution has its origins in the 80s, when stylists tried their hand at the conception of men’s clothes also suitable for the female universe (e.g., men’s jackets that women can also wear). At the time, such a trend was seen as an actual transgression, but nowadays, it is not uncommon to see women wearing, to give example, denim jackets initially designed for men, and the same goes for sports suits. Wearing a denim jacket and playing slot online is a great fun.

  1. Yes, to the mixed wardrobe

Another die-hard false myth concerns the type of wardrobe in one’s possession. Some believe that once you have identified your style of clothing, you should proceed with the purchase of clothing belonging exclusively to that specific aesthetic without deviating from the norm. Nothing could be more wrong. Being lucky enough to know how to wear an elegant garment does not affect the possibility of dressing following sporting trends. This is the case, for example, of our President sports down jacket, which can be perfectly combined with a pair of elegant trousers such as our P5227.

  1. Mix different fantasies? You can!

A particularly well-established false myth concerns the impossibility of successfully mixing different fantasies. Garments with floral decoration, for example, should be combined exclusively with pastel shades, while colors that are too distant from each other, such as yellow and green, should never be combined. Even in this case, however, we face yet another prejudice. Don’t believe it? Then try wearing our very elegant Mercurio shirt with a pink scarf 966355. You will make a great impression, guaranteed!

  1. Dress in light colors even in winter

A myth related to winter to dispel concerns about the alleged impossibility, during the season in question, to dress in light colors. During the winter season, some argue that clothes characterized by light shades should be abolished to make room for the most colorful fantasies: a myth to be undermined. Try wearing the elegant Excelsior down jacket, conceived entirely in a pure snow white: you will no longer be able to do without it.

  1. Yes to sportswear in the evening

Impossible not to dwell again on urban fashion, a real trend of recent years. Detractors of streetwear consider it impossible to wear sports clothing for evening occasions, when on the contrary, according to a classic conception of fashion, only elegant garments should be worn. However, times change rapidly. Sports suits are welcome, even in the evening or during an aperitif, as long as they maintain a minimum touch of class, which never hurts.

  1. Large bags? Even in the evening

It is undoubtedly true that small bags are more comfortable and practical, but this does not mean that larger bags are necessarily disdained during the evening. Consider using a significant bag even in the evening: you will not regret it!

  1. High-waisted trousers for everyone

It is not at all true that high-waisted trousers are only suitable for thin women. With the marketing of more and more elasticated models, even the plumpest women have the opportunity to wear trousers with a higher waist, further streamlining their line.