Christmas Trees

Buying Guide For Artificial Christmas Trees

Whether you’re shopping for a tabletop tree or a large, traditional Christmas tree, we have some tips and tricks to help you choose the right one for your home. In this article, we will cover everything from the type of lighting, to the type of storage, and fullness of the branches. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Storage options

Regardless of the size of your tree, storage is a critical aspect of storing an artificial Christmas tree. Consider an upright tree storage bag if you don’t have enough space for a storage box. These bags can fit most sizes of artificial trees upright, but you can also find bags that allow you to hang your tree horizontally. This type of bag also fits your tree stand and smaller ornaments. One of these storage options will make set-up easier and safer and keep your tree in good condition throughout the holidays.

While artificial Christmas trees don’t need the original box, they can quickly collect dust and debris. To prevent this, purchase a Christmas tree storage bag that fits around the tree. You can buy small, medium, large, and extra large bags. These bags are designed to protect your tree from the elements. Read resources like Balsam Hill reviews to get ideas on the proper storage of your artificial Christmas trees. While not using your tree during the holiday season, you can still preserve its fragile branches by storing it in a water-resistant bag.

Un-lit vs. Pre-lit

When deciding between a pre-lit and un-lit artificial Christmas tree, consider the cost and convenience of the former. Pre-lit trees are easier to decorate but cost more than unlit ones. Make sure to choose a tree with enough bulbs. Pre-lit trees may need additional string lights if they are sparsely lit. Some trees come with a foot pedal for different lighting, but the process is still much more complicated if you purchase one with only one bulb.

Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come in virtually every design, style, and color. Choose clear, multi-colored, or combination illumination. Some models use fiber optics for enhanced light quality. Choose a model with lights spaced eight to 10 inches apart for a balanced look. To find out which model is better lit, you can squint a little so the lights are out of focus.

Fullness of branches

There are several factors to consider when buying artificial Christmas trees. Fuller trees look better, but they also cost more. While choosing a tree with the correct number of branches is essential, you may be tempted to pick a cheap tabletop tree if you are unsure of the space. To avoid wasting money on a fake tree that won’t fit, measure the space you want to place it.

Aside from looking at the fullness of the tree’s branches, look at the tree’s topper. According resources such as Balsam Hill professional reviews, a small tree topper will not give the tree a complete look. A bow-style tree topper can cover the top of the tree, leaving enough space below it for the tree’s base. You can also buy a skirt or collar for the tree, so its stand legs are concealed.


You may wonder if warranties for artificial Christmas trees are available. The warranty period varies depending on the manufacturer and model of the tree. The warranty period also varies, depending on whether the product is white or colored. It will cover the product 90 days after purchase if it was purchased new and a few key components, such as the tree’s needles. If you’re unsure if a warranty covers your tree, you can ask the manufacturer for more information.

However, these warranties don’t cover burnt-out bulbs, misuse, or accidental damage. Additionally, they do not cover damages caused by the product’s use outdoors or improper storage. If you need a warranty, ensure you get an RMA number before shipping the product. The warranty period for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees varies.