When Pills Become Too Much

Take this pill to fix that, and take these four pills to help with the side effects of the first pill. Take them all three times per day, everyday, forever. When you have these symptoms, take more pills for the pain from all the pills. Does all of this sound familiar? If you’re like most others in the modern world, you’ve struggled with health challenges of some variety, whether acute or chronic, and the pharmacy becomes a little too frequent in your errand rounds. Perhaps it’s not you, but a loved one that seems to always have pills to take for every occasion and event. Pain medication for every twinge and tweak, antacids for every round of gas and antibiotics for every sneeze. While modern medicine has advanced far beyond our imaginations, and it has saved millions of lives, there is also a risk of addiction for many, if we rely on medication alone for our health management.

Luckily, there are facilities and plans and mechanisms in place to help prevent pill addiction, or aid in the steps of recovery through addiction. No matter where you are, there is someone to help, whether it’s talking to a friend, or going to a prescription drug rehab facility. With the modern healthcare system, there are structures in place to help control certain classes of medications to prevent addiction altogether, the risk still is very real for many. Whether it’s a long addiction that develops over the span of several years, or a one-time occurrence after a major life event, it can happen to anyone, regardless of previous history, and is nothing to be ashamed of.

There are a few steps you can take to assess your need for help and recovery. First, take stock of the facts and numbers. How much are you taking, what are you taking and how often do you find yourself needing refills? Secondly, talk with your doctor and health care professionals about alternative options, if you feel you are overmedicating. Thirdly, consider going to therapy to learn management techniques and strategies for managing your pain and symptoms, without the addiction of medications.

If you find yourself battling addiction or know someone who is, approach the situation with love and kindness, and a plan to work through it. Like everything else in life, nothing is impossible, and nothing is too much to handle. Having a goal and desire to achieve that goal, mixed with skills and strategy, and accountability is a respectable formula for success. There are a tremendous volume of value and benefit to taking medication for usually short-term problems, and usually lifestyle changes can mitigate most risk for long term issues. Walking, eating healthy, keeping an active and positive lifestyle, drinking plenty of water and maintaining long term friendships and mental engagements are some of the best approaches for a happy and healthy life.