Weighted Blankets Provide More Than Just Warmth

Weighted Blankets Provide More Than Just Warmth There’s an emerging trend in the world of home goods. Many people are getting on board with so-called weighted blankets. Some might wonder why a person would want one of these. After all, isn’t a weighted blanket just a heavier version of the blanket that people already use? The answer, according to many smart people in the know, is that weighted blankets provide a slew of benefits that non-weighted blankets cannot.

People are choosing to add these to their homes because they actually help with comfort and mental health. The classic adult blanket is there to serve one purpose and one purpose only. It exists to give people warmth while they are in bed or sitting on the couch. However, blankets for children have traditionally done much more than that. Children have long seen blankets as a source of comfort during difficult times. There is a reason why the term “security blanket” has become so important to parents. The reality is that blankets, when constructed properly, have the ability to bring down levels of stress and tension.

This raises the question of why blankets aren’t used in this manner by adults, who tend to have busy, stressful lives. Fortunately for people who might like this comfort, a weighted blanket for adults can now be had. Very smart inventors have designed weighted blankets to provide just the level of comfort that people need most. These are not just heavier blankets. Their weights are designed to provide the body with something like a hug. Those who have used Mosaic Weighted Blankets and blankets from similar manufacturers have found that there is comfort in this very simple concept. When dogs get anxiety during storms, the classic theory has been to give them a blanket or even a thunder vest to calm them down. The science on this is clear. Even if human beings do not realize it, they have some of that same instinct. During times of difficulty and stress, being wrapped up in a blanket can provide a host of mental health benefits. Aside from just providing that classic warmth, people will begin to feel safe and will have less stress.

It is a simple solution to a complicated problem. For those who like to lounge around the house in order to unwind, it is clear that weighted blankets are the best way to get the most out of this process. Weighted blankets are a new craze for adults who believe in the power of good science and design. No longer just for children, these blankets have proven popular for those who know that mental health is important. With modern design getting better and better, companies have risen to the challenge of meeting these new needs.