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What you Need to Know to Save Your Hair!

Like it or not, people judge others based on their appearance. Even the most open-minded person can fall prey to subconscious visual cues about how strong, healthy, and virile a person is. It may not be fair, but it hearkens back to humanity’s animal ancestry, when first impressions could lead to life or death decisions. That was long, long ago, but in modern times, people who suffer from hair loss automatically find themselves at a social disadvantage. If you’re trying to fight this and are asking “What can hair loss specialists near me do to help?” here is some very useful information.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss plagues both men and women alike. Most people are born with around 100,000 fair follicles, though people with naturally darker hair colors tend to have slightly more, while those with lighter colors have slightly less. Permanent hair loss occurs when those follicles die. This can be the result of several things. While rare, certain hairstyles can scar the scalp and lead to permanent hair loss. These include some types of ponytails, tight braiding, and cornrows. If the styles are no longer worn before scarring occurs, hair should grow back, but once it sets in, the hair loss is more than likely permanent. Somewhat more common is hair loss caused by illness. Temporary hair loss can be brought on by influenza or pneumonia. More permanent hair loss can occur do to more serious diseases like cancer or diabetes. In some cases, high stress or pituitary/thyroid issues can result in hair loss. While all these causes are to be taken seriously, the leading cause is still the simplest yet elusive one: heredity.

Treatment Options

If you’re in a position where you’re asking, “Is there a hair loss specialist near me?” you’ve likely seen lots of promises and advertisements…. pills, topical solutions, creams, snake oil, and who knows what else. In reality, the only way to effectively stop or treat hair loss is to see a specialized medical professional.

Hair Loss Prevention vs. Hair Restoration

If you’re wondering “Is there a hair loss specialist near me?” you’re probably ready to see your options. If your hair is just starting to thin, you may benefit from topical treatment, which can be effective for hair loss prevention. If your hair is already gone, however, there are surgical solutions that can help. No-one wants to lose their hair, but in this day and age, preventative and restorative treatment options make it possible for no-one to have to.