How To Choose The Best Handbag For Everyday Use

What is the one thing you can’t leave the house without? For almost every woman I believe it’s a handbag. Whether it’s a small one or a big one, a woman must have some bag to put the everyday essentials in.

How do you choose the right bag? Those that do not like baggage usually go for the tiny sling bags, but for those with a million things to carry daily, a huge one would do. In both scenarios, there are things you need to look at when choosing the best handbag for everyday use. Which handbag will you buy for your regular use and why? Today I’ll help you make that decision with ease.

  1. Size

The most important thing to consider when buying a bag to use daily is the size of the bag. You don’t want to strut the streets looking like you’re relocating. On the other hand, it is not sexy at all to have a bag bulging due to lack of space to put your basic items. Choose a bag that is not too small or too big. Buy one that fits your needs perfectly.

That decision will very much depend on the items you carry with you on a typical day. The other reason size is important is about your body size and shape. If you have a small body, a big bag will compliment that and make you look attractive. A person with a big body will look ridiculous if they carry a bag as big as they are. Look for complimenting bags.

  1. Price

As much as prices differ in different stores and for different bags, it is important to know the price range of the bag you want to buy. If you want a bag to use every day, don’t mind spending a little more to get a good Chanel handbag that will serve you well. However, don’t overspend especially if you’re on a budget.

A bag is not a piece of land that it will appreciate with time. The moment you take it home with you the value starts depreciating. Spend a reasonable amount of money. Choose a bag within your budget without compromising on other important aspects of a bag such as quality.

When a bag is too expensive, you may not want to use it every day but only on occasions. On the other hand, if it’s too cheap, you’ll probably be going to the shop again soon. Invest your money wisely and in the best of products such as bags.

  1. Quality

Who doesn’t want a bag that looks good even months later after continued use? Not me. We all want something that is durable and of great quality. This will save you consequent spending because the bag wore off. You should, therefore, invest in a bag with very good quality material. Bags come in all sorts of materials, but not all of them are durable.

For example, if you want a bag to last longer and still look great, you better invest in a leather Chanel handbag as compared to a nylon one. The leather is a much more durable material. It is also important to take note of the stitches on the bag. You don’t want embarrassments when you’re bag’s trap comes off in the middle of the streets.

Anything that is of good quality is worth every penny you spend on it. Do not be afraid to spend. Instead, be afraid of ending up with a counterfeit. It will cost you much more eventually. Confirm quality with the manufacturer before buying a bag and get their assurance that it is the original of the material you would like to purchase.

  1. Design

A great design in a bag will compliment your outfit and make you feel like a million dollars while carrying it. How do you get the right design? It’s easy! For curvy women, an edgy bag will look better on those curves and make you look sophisticated. For the slim women, you need well-rounded bags to compliment your physique. This, however, does not limit you to particular bag design. Designers are creative people, and they keep coming up with amazing ideas of bags that would look good on any person.

Other than that, there are different kind of designs that go well will certain outfits. This also has to do with your taste and fashion sense. The handbag you carry should make you feel great and attractive. Make sure to go with a design that gives you that feeling.

  1. Color

Of all the things to check when choosing a handbag, color has to be the most important one. Colour affects many things. You don’t want to go out looking like a clown. You need to match your outfit of the day with your handbag. In that case, you have to get a bag that compliments most of your outfits, especially if you want to carry it every day.

I would advise that you buy neutral colors such as black, grey, white and brown. But it also depends on your taste. If you’re the kind of woman who likes flashy colors, then go for it. Just make sure it matches your style. You could also be having many handbags in one color and you want to change that to another one. The point here is to look fabulous in whichever color you choose for your Chanel bag.

  1. Strap length

Most of the bags will have a belt or straps attached to them. This is usually to help in carrying. What kind of strap will feel comfortable for you? That should be the question you ask yourself. A bag that you use daily should be comfortable to carry. If you carry a lot of stuff, you probably need a strap that is long enough to fit around your shoulder comfortably.

Carrying a heavy bag with your hands could be tiresome. Small bags, however, can have a short or long belt depending on your carrying style. Your body is also a factor here. If you’re tall, you probably need a bag with not too long straps.

For people with a shorter height, a long strap will make them look a bit longer. Any bag you buy should be convenient for you. Try it on and see how it looks on you before you can buy it. In most cases, bags will have adjustable straps for more convenience. There will also be bags with straps that can be removed when you want to change the look.


Bags to women are what a wallet is to men. You cannot possibly leave the house without one, even when it is not necessary. It feels like you left a piece of you in the house. Especially for me, if I don’t carry a bag, I’ll be feeling clumsy all day. I won’t even know where to place my hands. That is why I pay very close attention to the bags I choose because they will become a part of my everyday life.

With the above guidance, I hope you can now choose an everyday bag comfortably and without any struggles. The next time you’re shopping for purses, and you’re feeling confused about what to buy, just refer to this article and all your choices will be clear.