Ways To Keep Your Children Safe

You love your children and will do anything to keep them safe. The world can be a scary and often dangerous place for kids, but luckily there are a few easy things you can do as a parent to better ensure that your children stay healthy and out of harm’s way.

Be Mindful of the Products You Buy

You put a lot of trust in companies to manufacture products that you consume, either by ingesting them or putting them on your body. But once those products are put on the shelf, anyone can meddle with them. When buying foods and goods, double check that the packaging is sealed properly. Medication should have tamper proof caps. Additionally, if you have very young children, make sure that medication also has a childproof cap on it.

Practice the Buddy System

Children yearn for independence, and it’s important to give it to them little by little as they grow. However, you should not let kids under the age of 10 venture off alone. Whether you’re at a park or a movie theater, practice the buddy system. Older siblings or adults you trust make perfect buddies. If you’re alone with a child and feel that you might not be able to focus your full attention on him or her, such as when shopping at the grocery store, ask your child to hold on to your purse or back pocket. Some parents prefer having children hold the side of the cart, toward the front, so that the kids are rarely out of sight.

Set Boundaries

Teach your children about body boundaries. Tell them that no one should touch their private parts, which are the areas covered by a bathing suit. Also, help children understand that if someone does or says something that makes them feel uncomfortable – even if that person is a family member – they should tell you immediately. Always foster a home where the child will feel safe coming to you. Acting calmly when your kids share negative news is important.

Don’t Be Complacent

Parenting is hard. Kids demand a lot of your energy, which can be frustrating at times. You may want to send kids out to play so you can have some peace of mind, but doing so could be unsafe. Even if you have a fence around your property, kids playing alone can lead to dangerous situations. If you do allow them to play outside, make sure you can always keep your eye on them so you can quickly react should something go wrong.