Want Cheap Flights? Here is How to Get Them

As a small business owner here in Vancouver Washington, who needs to fly all over the world to meet and hold meetings with my clients, cheap flights are something which I am always working hard on finding. My colleague Dean Kirkland Vancouver WA native like myself and lifelong business partner have searched high and low through the years to find the very best flight prices that we can and we now have a pretty watertight system to do so.

If you are looking to buy some flights for business or pleasure, and you want to keep the costs as low as possible, here are some tips on bagging the best prices.

Where to Look Online

Having trying numerous different sites across the internet for many years, there are now only two websites which I will check for flight prices when the time comes to go away somewhere. The first site which I will check is Momondo and the second is SkyScanner. Both of these websites do exactly the same thing which is to search across the web on airlines and on third party sites, to find the cheapest flights that are available. I use these sites because they always come up with the cheapest prices, they are very easy to use an they have a ton of features and filters which you can change to make sure that you get the exact flight that you are looking for.

Credit Card Rewards

Last year I finally latched on to the fact that I can earn air miles with my credit card and ever since then I have used my card instead of cash at almost every opportunity. There are many credit cards out there which will offer you theses rewards and if you want to bag cheap or free flights, this is one of the best ways to do it. Last month for example I was able to fly from Washington to Bogota for absolutely nothing because of the amount of points which I have already accumulated and I still have plenty of points left over for my next trip. Essentially, these points cost you absolutely nothing and you can use them on your next flight.


Something which I have used a great deal is connecting flights instead of flying direct as the prices are so much lower. Now, the downside of this is that your flight time could be significantly longer and there is the pain of having to change planes once or twice on your trip but if you are dedicated to saving money, this is the best option for you. I have found that the best website to find these kind of flights is Kayak as it searches throughout multiple airlines so that you can get the lowest possible prices. If you are not in a mad rush to get to your destination, plan things a little differently and save loads of money through the use of connecting flights.