James P DeVellis Helps People Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon

James P DeVellis has noticed a significant rise in the number of orthopedic problems relating to the spine, neck, hip, and knee. He believes that this is due to the misconduct of modern life. People don’t get enough physical exercise and don’t eat a healthy diet. Additionally, a lot of people now suffer from various forms of arthritis, which can cause problems with joints. Once these issues start to appear, people are offered treatment such as physiotherapy and medication. However, orthopedic surgery may become necessary at some point.

James P DeVellis Discusses When Surgery Is Required

Orthopedic surgery first made headline news in the 1960s, when it was completely new. Today, however, it is incredibly common and safe. In fact, some surgeons now say that it is better to have a knee replacement, than to take pain medication for long periods of time because of their side effects. Hence, people can now voluntarily opt for surgery, although some believe this is not a good idea.

Finding a Good Local Surgeon

If you do decide to have surgery, it is very important that you find the best surgeon for your needs. By choosing a good specialist, you will have more chance of the procedure being a success. This also means you will be back on your feet as soon as possible. So what are some of things that you should look for?

You should make sure that you find out how many procedures a surgeon you are considering has performed. Indeed, suggestions are that surgeons who perform less than 25 procedures per year have far lower success rates. Indeed, a study in 2013 showed that allegations have been made that surgeons who perform single digit procedures each year have three times higher complication rates.

There has also been a study that showed that people believe they have personal expectations, but these are actually highly influence by the opinions of their doctor. This makes sense, because we trust our doctors. However, the expectations that doctors build up are not always realistic. It is very important, therefore, that you find a physician who truly knows what they are doing and who will therefore also give the right advice.

Some of the key tips to follow to find a good surgeon include:

  1. To check the surgeon’s credentials. Just because they look like an old fox who can still take on the world, does not mean they are. Look at their credentials and board certification.
  2. Speak to your local physician and ask them for recommendations.
  3. Ask what the surgeon’s particular skill is and how many procedures they complete each year.
  4. Have a consultation before making any kind of decision.
  5. Ask for a second opinion.
  6. Find out what to expect from post-surgery recovery. Find out how long you will be off your feet, what pain levels you can expect, whether you will need physiotherapy and pain medication, and so on.

Never choose the first surgeon you speak to. Always consider your option and look at what other solutions exist for you.