Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewellery So It Lasts Long

You want to keep your jewellery for a long time not only because you want to use it several times, but because it costs a lot. Its value also keeps appreciating over time. Even if you decide not to wear it anymore, you can sell it someday and get your money back. This is why a lot of people invest in jewellery. Here are some tips to ensure that your jewellery lasts for a long time.

Take a photo of the jewellery before use

When you keep using the jewellery, you won’t notice the subtle changes that take place. However, if you compare it with the photo taken before you have even used it, you will realise that a lot has changed. As such, it is time to have it professionally cleaned. It does not take much time. You can also do it yourself but find someone who can do it for you as it won’t cost that much.

Wash it

If you have no time to find someone to have it cleaned, just wash it with water and gentle liquid soap. Be careful in choosing the kind of soap to wash it with. Avoid soaps with harsh chemicals and moisturizer. You may use a soft bristled brush to remove the grime from the crevices. Again, professional cleaning is recommended, but doing it yourself would suffice in some cases.

Use a polishing cloth

Any metal can tarnish over time. This includes silver and even lower carats of gold. This happens when you wear the jewellery often. This is not a problem as you can simply use a polishing cloth to remove the tarnish.

Never use “old-school” cleaning methods

You might have heard that toothpaste or baking soda contain substances that are effective in whitening or in removing dirt. Perhaps on many other materials they might work, but not on precious stones or some metals. You will be surprised if the metal suddenly becomes discoloured. To avoid this from happening, do not use any item that you find at home that you are unsure of.

Store the jewellery properly

Obviously, a jewellery box is a must for your precious items. You should also find a way that each piece of jewellery has its own area in your storage box. Some precious stones are not meant to be placed next to each other.

You definitely want your jewellery to stay with you for a long time. This is true for expensive gold but even for the more affordable ones like fingerprint silver bracelets.

If you are in the mood to buy new jewellery, you can take a look at the options available at Once you have found the right one, make sure that you take good care of it.