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How to Dress for a Summer Date Night

Summertime is here and the heat is slowly becoming unbearable. This is why it’s becoming very hard to dress for any kind of occasion where you’re expected to look nice and respectful, as well as fresh and lovely whether you’re going to a stand up comedy club or an expensive restaurant!. Some of these occasions include going to university, bank, post office or your job where you need to honour a certain dress code. However, all these places simply require you to look respectful, while dressing up for a date night forces you to look cute, charming, non-sweaty and effortless, on top of all. Needless to say, this is quite a challenge during these crazy heats. Luckily, we’re here to save you from the hassle with a couple of awesome tips which will enable you to look both lovely and fresh all summer long.

Chic shorts

Shorts are a complete hit this summer and they are amazing for minimizing heat levels. Luckily, there are some awesome designs all around you as they are a number one hit. You can choose between different colours and fabrics, as well as unusual designs or ornaments. Not to mention you can also look into some DIY ideas and turn your old jeans into an awesome pair of shorts. Plus, shorts are a great way to show off your awesome sandals, for instance, or any other footwear you’ve been proud of, but didn’t have the chance to display.



Is it even summer without sundresses? They are an all-time favourite you can’t go wrong with. They are a great way to show your romantic side and can be recombined with different hats and shoes, as well as jewellery. You can always go and cheer yourself up with a gorgeous sundress as they are timeless. The new Proenza Schouler collection is simply to die for and you can find all sorts of great summer date night clothing there. After all, the choices are various and all around.

Buns and ponytails

Don’t you just hate seeing a girl on the street at noon during the summer with her hair down? It’s preposterous! How can anyone find a bunch of heavy hair let down attractive at this time when all you can think about is the amount of sweat underneath? Sorry girls, it’s not attractive. It might look good, but is awfully unhygienic. That is why, this summer, you should choose some cute buns or ponytails. They’re very easy to make and they go with summer outfits perfectly.


Despite the possibility that you are a dark or black clothes fan, you should think about laying off the black until autumn and turn to some lighter shades. Lighter shades look great in the sun and they also make you feel much better and less warm than you would be wearing clothes that attract more heat and sunlight. Plus, pastels are a huge hit this summer and you should just try them on. The sooner you do, the better you’ll feel and you won’t wish to go back to black at least until winter.

Summer pants

summer pants

Light summer pants are another amazing invention we should be thankful for. These pants protect our skin from burning, enable us to go to fancy places being respectfully dressed and are made of fabric so light you can barely even feel it on your skin. They are easily combined with all sorts of shirts and tops and they can be fancy, casual or smart depending on the design and how you combine them. They are usually worn only in the summer, so make sure to make the most of wearing them.

Getting ready for summer dates is quite a challenge as your hair and make-up options seem quite limited. However, with some creativity and imagination, wonders can be achieved. You can always go nuts with accessories or crazy summer colours like neon yellow, pink or green. Even mixing all sorts of multi-coloured fabric is allowed, as well as wearing too much jewellery. Everything becomes fun and interesting in the summer and so does your outfit. So, bring it on. Go nuts and release your inner designer. Go where no one has gone before and become a trendsetter. Do whatever makes you happy and wear whatever feels right.