Maternity Photo

Tips for Great Maternity Photo Shoots

Creating happy memories that will stay with you forever is something everyone should have a chance to do. Capturing the happiest moments in your life can give you something to look back on when you are older. Fewer times are happier for most mums than when they are pregnant or immediately after they have their child. Having a beautiful maternity photo shoot is something a lot of people are choosing to do so they can keep these memories. Below, we will look at three tips to help you capture these memories through photography.

Have Fun with It

Your emotions will come through maternity and newborn photos as they are taken. Negative emotions can be caused by feeling nervous about not looking your best or how the photos will look once you have them back.

Try to relax and have fun with your photo shoot for the best results. Talk to your partner so they can allay your fears and help you deal with any nervousness. Your photographer, who has experience with this, will also help you relax and get in a good mood so that the photos turn out great.

Once you are relaxed, try to have as much fun as you can because when you do, you will have a lot more great photos to choose from.

Shoot at Home

It is perfectly okay to have your maternity photo shoot at a studio. Doing so is a great option for those who want a controlled environment so that they get the exact setting they want. However, it can be a hassle to arrange such a session, especially for mums who are in their third trimester, or new mums.

Shooting at home allows the mum to be comfortable and let go in a way they wouldn’t be able to in a studio setting. Secondly, doing so provides a level of authenticity that a studio cannot. You can capture how the home looked when the baby was introduced to it and these memories will be very valuable.

Third, holding pregnancy photo shoots at home does not require too much preparation. You already have everything you need arranged exactly how you want it. You also have a great backdrop regardless of the room you will be choosing in.

Most photographers offer in-home maternity photo shoot sessions for these three reasons. You can also get in touch with family photographers like Heidi Husted through her website at to get additional ideas on styling your home, yourself and the baby for the best photos.

Try Something Different

If you go through enough maternity photo shoot photos, you will notice certain patterns start to come up. Even though it is not a bad thing to find inspiration in this way, try to find a way to make each photo unique and your own.

Also, ask your photographer for input to see which of the ideas they have can be incorporated into your maternity photo shoot.

Getting pregnant and having a baby are incredible milestones that should be celebrated. A great way of doing so while also forming precious memories is by doing a photo shoot. Get a professional to do it for you, or borrow the ideas discussed above.