After School Options for Your Kids

As a busy parent, you know how difficult it can be to juggle your family members’ schedules. And to make it even more challenging, your kids sometimes finish their school days before you finish work. If that’s the case, there are several after school options to look into to keep your kids active and safe while you are away at work.

After School Programs

Many schools and organizations offer fun and safe after school programs, such as these after school activities in Ashburn. These programs provide a range of activities for children of various age groups. Your kids can spend time with friends as they receive homework help, play games, learn crafts, take classes, exercise, read, and much more. These community activities allow you to relax knowing that your kids are safe, being supervised, learning, and having fun at the same time.

A Babysitter

You might also consider hiring a babysitter for your kids, especially if they are young. Look for a responsible high school student, perhaps who comes with good recommendations. Alternatively, you could ask a retired friend or relative to look after your kids. If one of your parents or in-laws is available, that might work out well, too, because your kids will get to bond with their grandparents.

Day Care

You may have to enroll your kids in a daycare program for their after school hours. Budget carefully for this, and be sure the daycare center knows when your kids will and will not be coming. If your workplace has a daycare center attached, that might be a good option, too.

A Child Care Cooperative

Finally, consider joining or starting a childcare cooperative. This is a network of families that gets together to provide child care. Parents may take turns watching kids and/or providing snacks and activities. Depending on your schedule, you might try to host the kids once in a while yourself.

You certainly want your kids to be safe and happy after school, so try one of these options.