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Tips For Choosing The Right Belt For A Flawless Look

The belt represents one of those accessories that never go out of fashion but change over time according to the designers’ trends. It also means an accessory capable of completely changing a woman’s look. In addition to being a comfortable accessory used to support trousers and skirts, it is also a characteristic accessory. To choose the right model, you must always avoid choosing those very elaborate types of belts as they would not fit on any garment.

While if you should choose a very simple and classic garment, it is right to wear a belt characterized by stones or sequins to give the most touch to your dress. This article will give tips on combining a belt with garments wear. Valuable tips to match a belt according to Style:

Glamor Style: Are you part of that group of Glamor women? If yes, the belt must be chosen in detail and matched with the clothes and accessories. The only thing that needs to be considered and avoided is creating a monotonous and broken look. For a Glamor style, the belt can be worn on the trench-like coat; in this house, the ideal belt must be shiny, black, cream or red, and large or square. You can choose a smaller, thinner belt if you want a more classic style. Visit and enjoy real pokies online australia with a glamor outfit.

Ethnic Style: if you are part of those people who love to travel a lot and wear typical clothes of a standard logo, you are part of this Style: ethnic blouses, tunics, and long dresses. Based on this Style, you can combine an ethnochic belt such as a leather belt or covered with pearls, always referring to an ethnic style.

Hippy Style: Is your closet crammed with 60-70s clothes? Then this is a style for you. Wide trousers, shirts, long skirts, and the quote to combine with these garments is very simple: you can choose either a woven leather belt or one of those belts characterized by a metal buckle capable of giving an extra touch to your flawless look.

How to match an ideal belt for your body

The high-waisted belt: these belts have a double characteristic in that they tend to mark at the waist and create a movement where it does not exist. The first characteristic concerns those types of people with a body called “hourglass,” and the second case concerns those with a rectangle body. Instead, for all those who unfortunately have a body called “apple”, it would be better to avoid using the belt, as the waist is one of the weakest points. Visit online casinos with a relaxed dress to enjoy your off time.

The low waist belt: The soft belt is mainly suitable for people with a slim physique and hips/waist of the same width. And it is suitable for women with long legs and a smaller bust. It can be combined with the CALIPSO dress on page 43 or the LISA dress on page 45.

The regular waist belt is suitable to wear on jeans, especially for those who have a thin and well-proportioned waist.

Further tips to match a belt one of the super trendy tips is to combine a belt on a classic Blazer or a cardigan, perhaps tying it without using the loops. In the case of the cardigan, a great tip is to use a thin belt to create a blouse effect. One of the trends of this period involves using the belt on coats to add an extra feature to your look, always if your body allows it. Always wear combined with the color of your jacket.