Australian fashion

The Best Street Style from Australian Fashion Week

Once again, Sydney has hosted an incredible Fashion Week of innovation, bold street ideas, and some revived classics taking on a new twist. The setting could have been slightly less rainy, but it was still as glorious as one could possibly hope for! Australia may be Down Under, but their fashion sense is right up there at the forefront of ingenuity with other world fashion hotspots such as New York and Paris.

Without further ado, let’s peruse through some of the best, brightest, and boldest fashion styles seen on the streets of Sydney, so that you can incorporate them fearlessly into your own look.

High waist is back in business

For the longest time, ladies all over the globe, especially in warm countries, have flaunted low-cut jeans, shorts, and skirts, with plenty of breathing room for their bellies. The crop tops may have taken a step back, but now, as the love for retro high waist re-emerges, we can see that so does our love for crop tops get revived!

Ankle-length jeans with slightly distressed details and high waists are all the rage, and Sydney was also brimming with gorgeous women sporting flared pants with high waist, and perfect skirts in the same spirit, together with massive buckle belts.

fashion purse

Funky feet front and center

Just when you think that a simple suit is all there is to a gal’s look, your gaze swoops down to her adorned feet, and voila! There’s the wow effect, hiding in plain sight, in the shape of a multitude of quirky, geometry-inspired, seemingly impossible shoes.

Ankle boots have been a special treat with many of them being adorned with different ornaments in a single pair, bringing in a splash of diversity. Then, there were transparent, blocky heels, orange sandals, and purple platforms, among many other interesting footwear items your toes would just love.

Purses with purpose

Even though footwear was truly attention-worthy, bags were the key piece of accessory that found their way into the spotlight. From Dali-like, surrealism-shaped purses, big and small, all the way to classic Australian handbags that were used for sporty as well as for chic combos. As you can imagine, athleisure in all its glory paired with pricy bags and high heels was another key moment at the street catwalk.

Boho-looking clutches with curious, nature-inspired patterns, crisp white fringed handbags, as well as massive totes in lovely leather hues showed just how wild this Aussie inspiration can be. And let’s not forget wicker as another notable material used in this element of the complete street look.

Mix pattern fashion

Mix up those patterns

Since we’ve mentioned patterns, the Australian street scene was not limited to animal print or bohemian motifs, on the contrary, it was a palette of colors you most likely wouldn’t be able to name if you weren’t in the fashion business, paired with textures beyond your wildest dreams.

Color-clashed geometry was adored, irregular stripes, classy plaid in subdued coffee hues, full pantsuits in curious patterns – Sydney was as free-spirited as a city can get. It’s also worth noting that ladies combined these patterns in bold combos, where even striped pants found their match made in heaven in a plaid shirt!

Athleisure at its best

A trend that Aussies consider a major part of their identities, one which combines their health-loving nature and fitness enthusiasm with a sense for haute couture – athleisure was once again taken to a whole new level of perfect. Minimalism and simplicity ruled some of the most noticeable combos, with logoed tees tucked neatly into a pair of black jeans.

Others, however, boasted a much more out-there, sporty-chic, in track pants together with a button-down, and a pair of delicious heels. You could see those “dad sneakers” strutted all over the place, as a part of those full sporty combos, and pantsuits in pastels paired with classic white sneakers. Ripped denim with crop tops and ankle-high sneakers was also a well-known combo once again boasted during Fashion Week.

Deconstruction and layering

Both in terms of materials and patterns, ladies used many an opportunity to stack a few valuable items from their wardrobe into a single, stunning look. This is something worth noting since Aussies don’t always have the chance to do so with their heavenly weather, so a bit of rain and chill served as the perfect backdrop for some incredible, layered creations such as personalised hoodies, deconstructed jackets and shirts, and quirky bombers and overcoats.

You’d think that a t-shirt and a jacket would be enough, but some Aussie fashionistas packed an oversized scarf into the mix, or an interesting hat. Either way, Sydney streets were brimming with imagination throughout the entire show!