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Sprucing Up Your Studio Apartment Manhattan Style

For college students and singles, a studio apartment is a perfect-sized space to call home. Studios tend to be more affordable than one-bedrooms, but still contain all the amenities of a home. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then you can’t go wrong with a studio apartment east side Manhattan. To further add flair to your new studio apartment, consider these decorating tips.

Decorating Ideas

When decorating your studio, you’ll want to strive for maximizing space. Partitions are a great idea. You can also divide spaces with the use of curtains. Shelves work wonders for storage. Another piece of advice is opting for multi-use furnishings such as a futon bed and a table and chair set that can also be used as a desk. Mirrors can be used to make the room feel bigger. It’s also advisable to stick with a single-color scheme.


When working with a minimal amount of space, selecting furnishings can be challenging, but there are several furniture layouts that work great with studio apartments. If you have high ceilings, loft beds are an excellent way to maximize space, but if you have lower ceilings consider mid-century furnishings which have lower seating. Another layout that works well with studios is to design your apartment like a luxury hotel room. Make sure to utilize every ounce of available space to make your studio apartment chic and comfortable.

A place doesn’t need to be a huge house in the suburbs in order for it to feel like your home. Your studio apartment is your home, your space, and with some decorating advice, it can be uniquely you.