Interior Design

A Guide to an Elegant Interior Design

The key to elegance is timeless decor, attention to detail, and an effortless style. If, however, you are struggling to achieve a sophisticated and luxurious home, you might need to adopt a few tricks and tips that will ensure your property oozes a classic design.

Transform every room in your home for the better by reading this informative guide to an elegant interior design.

Wall Paneling

Create a traditional, timeless design by re-creating an old-fashioned drawing-room style in your living room or dining room. Wall paneling is an effective way to do so, as it will serve as a subtle backdrop that will add texture to a space. Also, you must paint it in a neutral color scheme to prevent the paneling from overpowering your interior design.

An Attractive Fireplace

A fireplace is a must-have when creating an elegant interior design, and it can look great in a living room, bedroom, or dining room. If you want to add both intrigue and character into a room, install an original period fireplace that will grab your guests’ attention.

Alternatively, a modern wood burner can work in harmony with a traditional interior design while creating a cozy, inviting room. You also can develop a more old-fashioned appearance by flanking a stove with a wicker basket, which can store logs for a roaring fire.

Classic Column Radiators

While stainless steel radiators can look sleek and stylish in a modern property, they might not be the right option for a traditionally designed home. If you want to create an elegant interior that offers a historic feel, classic column radiators could complement your traditional décor and architecture. Plus, when you visit warmrooms, you can invest in wall-mounted column radiators that will feature paw feet to match your interior.

Crown Molding

Crown molding can be a perfect finishing touch to an elegant room, as it can add character and refinement. It will bring both the walls and ceiling together, which can make your living room, hallway, or bedroom appear sophisticated and luxurious.

Crown molding is an affordable upgrade for various rooms across the home, as there are plastic and paintable versions available that can look as good as wood. You also can create a bigger impact by installing a wide trim, and there are different molding options to choose from to match your taste, such as:

  • Crown
  • High baseboard
  • Ceiling beams
  • Ceiling medallions

Traditional Elements

Many traditional interior designs tend to feature classic elements, which can ooze luxury and elegance. If you want to take your interior to the next level, consider:

  • Hanging a chandelier
  • Incorporating a sophisticated armchair
  • Installing a shelving unit – don’t forget the library ladder

The above tips will make you want to curl up with a good book by a roaring fireplace. Don’t settle for an unfinished, dull interior. Inject elegance and style into your property by following the above top tips – It could help you to fall deeply in love with your home.