Commode Chair

Getting A Commode Chair For Your Bedside

When you are a senior citizen, or you get to old age, you may need someone to provide home care for you. If not, then you might find yourself in a nursing home or retirement community. When you get older, medical and physical challenges could arise where you can no longer take care of yourself. It is in this case that you have to rely on others; whether it is an adult child, nurse, or home health care person. No one knows the type of illness that can be experienced in old age. It could be diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, or impaired hearing and vision. In addition, many older folks are prone to falling and getting hurt while alone; resulting in possible severe injuries.

The Adjustments

The bottom line is when you get older; there are a lot of adjustments that you have to make. The same is true for your family members as well. For you, it could mean various instances of disruption to your life, but these are times where family members have to make the best decision for you. If you can manage on your own in a retirement community, there are certain products that could help you to live independently for a while. This includes a commode chair, mobility aid, wheelchair, and walkers.  Let’s talk about the commode chair and the benefits that it provides to the elderly.

The Commode Chair

Using the bathroom is a chore for many elderly individuals; especially at night. Some older people find the bathroom to be a dangerous place; even though, it wasn’t in the earlier years of their lives. To avoid any accidental falls in the bathroom, a commode chair would be the answer. It is designed to be portable without any permanent installation and so, it can be kept by the bedside as well as inside the bathroom. In some cases, it can work as a portable folding chair, allowing movement from one area of the house to another.


It is safe to use due to the noticeable armrests that it comes with. The frame is usually strong and durable and the seat is adjustable. It is made with a wider seat than the norm and also is made with a sturdy back to rest on. One more amazing feature of some commode chairs is the ability to fold it up and take it with you or to conveniently put it into storage. If you need a commode chair by your bedside due to a lack of mobility, then you should consider purchasing one so you can continue to assert your independence.