Dementia Care

Signs that Your Elderly Loved One Needs Dementia Care

It is painful seeing someone you love becoming older. The person whom you share lots of memories with is no longer the same after some time. They suddenly experience physical pain. Worse, others develop memory loss.

You might be able to provide care while the elderly person is still functional. However, there will come a time when it could be difficult for you to deal with the situation. Here are some signs that will tell you that in-home care is already a necessity.

Memory problems

The problem with elderly people is that they want to pretend they are fine and that they are doing well. In reality, they start having memory issues. They occasionally forget where they have placed their keys. Worse, they might even forget they turned on the stove or leave the tap running. If these issues are happening over and over again, and they already start to pose threats, you need to do something about it. This will just get worse especially if no one is there to help out.

Unfortunate accidents

It is common for older people to get into accidents every now and then. However, if an accident leads to incapacitation or failure to perform daily functions, you need someone to be there to provide in-home care. It can impede their mobility. They can no longer do the things they usually do independently. They might even encounter another accident in the future.

Inability to do daily tasks

There are older people who are left on their own. They can still cook, clean and even take care of pets. Sadly, not everyone can do the same. If you think that they can no longer cook or maintain the house, you might want to have someone stay with the patient.

Insist on it

People with dementia will have a hard time accepting that they are suffering from the problem. They will even argue with you and tell you they are still healthy and capable of doing things on their own. However, there are instances when dementia care at home is a must.

You know that if left on their own, they could be a danger to themselves. You should not let it happen. The good thing is that caregivers are experienced. They are experts in taking care of the elderly. They can also deal with them even if they have mood swings.

You should also understand that you are too busy to just focus your attention on your elderly loved one. You need to work and take care of your kids. If you don’t get help, it could take a toll on you. Do something about this problem now while you still can. This is also a way of showing your loved one that you are there until the end.