Fun and Playful Polka Dot Gown for Girls

For women, choosing a gown is very important. However, it is not that simple to find the desired pattern. If you are confused, I suggest you to consider polka dot gown. This gown can make you look younger because polka dot is a fun and playful pattern. This gown is available in various options. So, if you are interested in it, you need to know farther about it. Therefore, this article will discuss more about this gown.

Polka Dot Gown Fabrics

When you buy a polka dot dress, the first thing that you need to decide is the fabric. Fabric is very important because it affects the comfort. There are many types of fabric usually used for dress with polka dot pattern. One of the most popular fabrics is satin because it feels very comfortable. Besides that, it will also be a good idea to consider one that is made from fleece fabric. There are still many other fabric types such as mesh, woven, poplin, plisse, jersey knit, and other fabrics.

Polka Dot Gown Colors

After you consider the fabric, you also need to choose the color. When choosing the color, you have to choose it based on your desire. Besides that, you also need to adjust it to your skin. In addition, it should also be matched with other outfits or accessories. There are many colors available for polka dot clothes. Black and white becomes the most common color. Besides that, you also often find one that comes with blue and white. Other popular polka dots are such as blue & grey, brown & white, green & white, grey & white, etc.

Polka Dot Gown Ideas

Polka dot dress comes with various models. So, if you are interested in it, you have to know how to wear it. So, I will share some ideas that you can follow. The first idea is a polka dot dress with coat. In this idea, you cover the polka dot dress with a cool coat. I recommend you to choose a white coat. For the shirt, you can try short dark shirt such as dark blue or black shirt. This polka dot gown is perfect for attending a wedding party.

Besides that, it will also be a good idea to try a polka dot short dress that comes with waist belt. This dress makes you look so sexy. The waist belt is also a good idea because you will look slimmer. If you are interested in it, you can consider your desired colors of polka dot. Alternatively, you can also look for one like this that comes with long dress. It will make you look more elegant with it. This polka dot outfit is appropriate for either formal or non-formal events. There are still many other ideas that you can try.

How to Accessorize Polka Dot Gown

If you want to look more interesting with a dress that has polka dot pattern, you have to know how to accessorize it. The first tip is to choose an accessory based on the color scheme. For example, it will be a good idea to consider an accessory that has the same color with the polka dot color you wear. However, you can also mix different colors. In this idea, you have to be able to mix different colors smartly. So, everyone will be impressed with your dress.

Besides that, you also need to add simple accessories. For example, you need to think about simple jewelry such as pearls, necklace or earrings. You also need to pay attention to the shoes you will wear. Bold or neutral color will be the best choice. If you consider a layer, you can wear a jacket or sweater. Do not forget to choose the right bag. Make sure that it matches your outfit.

For the finishing touch, there are some ideas to consider. For example, it will be a good idea to wear a hat. Besides, you can also consider wear accessories like hair clips, hair scarves, ribbon, or headbands. Wearing a belt will also be a good idea. If needed, you can try wearing a scarf. With these accessories, your polka dot gown will be much more beautiful.