Perfect Look

Ready to Go Back To Work? 5 Useful Tips for a Perfect Look!

How should dress work? What is the look of a career woman? Why do you still have to pay attention to what to wear to the office, even if casual clothing is now required?

An indisputable and bitter truth in the world of work (and beyond) is that appearance matters. Many will dispute this claim. Today things are different: we mainly look at the substance. And this is partly true. In recent years, large American companies (take Google or Facebook), but also minor startups, have abandoned the formal work uniform. Office dress rules have become more flexible and boring suits and suits have given way to a more personalized smart-casual look. Still, showing up at the office with a totally out of place look can be a fatal mistake. The “others” observe you and your look is your business card , the aesthetic expression of your personality . If your look clashes with the rest of the company, you will be pointed out as the different, the outsider. You will be judged by your appearance. Smart and confident dress to enjoy best online casinos usa.

How many of you have seen the film the devil wears Prada? Probably many. In summary, tell the story of Andrea Sachs, a recent graduate and aspiring journalist, who is unexpectedly hired as an assistant to Miranda Priestly, the notorious editor of a world-famous fashion magazine. Although very intelligent and well-prepared, Andy has a rather sloppy style and is not interested in her clothing. After all, it’s the substance that matters, right? Yet it is precisely that scruffy look of hers that makes her the laughing stock of the office. I’ll spare you the details of the plot, but I want to focus on the turning point of the story. Andy finally realizes that to survive in that environment it is necessary to adapt to her rules and, above all, to her dress code. With some help, he finally transforms his wardrobe. Not only does her look change, but also her attitude and her self-esteem. A confident attitude will allow him to play online pokies.  From this metamorphosis they follow the admiration of their colleagues, first, and of Miranda herself, then. It’s been 15 years since the film’s release, but things haven’t changed much. A winning look still manages to positively influence yours career.

But how should you dress at work? What is the look of a career woman? Why do you still have to pay attention to what to wear to the office, even if casual clothing is now required?

Answering these questions is far from easy. As we have seen, in fact, today, in the vast majority of cases, there are no longer precise rules on work uniforms. We are all set free, or in jeopardy if you prefer. However, there are some unspoken but still valid rules that could certainly help.

The Rules For Dressing Well At Work

  1. Employees of a company must also be its image. The only way to do it properly is to know it, observe it, study it, so as to better understand and communicate its values.
  2. An evergreen among the unspoken rules in modern society is to maintain a high level of hygiene . The clothes you wear, especially at work, must always be clean and not crumpled. Bad smell, stains and cracks are a terrible business card.


  1. You must always have i in your wardrobe must-have items for the office, the best allies in uncomfortable situations. We refer to garments like the blazer, the White shirt, the pencil skirt and the decolté shoe with medium-high heel. Which colors to bet on? Black And blue.

4.It is also important to avoid overly colored garments (unless you work in a very creative environment), quirky patterns, oversized accessories and jewelry, and tracksuits.

  1. Always keep your agenda in mind . If there is a meeting, you need to focus on a more elegant look. If you plan to travel, it is good to wear smart but comfortable clothes.

Why Dress Well At Work

Statistical research shows how having appropriate clothing has important consequences in our career, in relationships with bosses, with colleagues, but also with us. First, a good outfit makes a great calling card at an interview and increases your chances of getting hired or getting promoted. According to a study by North Western University’s Kellogg School of Management, what we wear has an influence on our psychological process and that of others. A dress can increase the self-esteem of the wearer, and this improves his work performance, also triggering social and emotional reactions in others. Dressing well at work is also essential to better represent your company with external customers or competitors. The success of some negotiations also depends on the attitude and image of the moderator.

The importance of one’s clothing in the workplace is therefore indisputable. The clothes, the smell, the tone of voice, the bearing … are all non-verbal elements that define us much more than words. These elements are the interface we use with the outside world, the means by which we present ourselves and communicate to others. Are you still sure that appearance doesn’t matter? If Andrea Sachs has understood this, maybe you should think again too.