On vacation without gaining weight: all the tips to stay fit

The diet on vacation is tested by aperitifs and dinners out. In this way, there is a risk of ruining all the sacrifices of the previous months. Is it possible not to gain weight without giving up the pleasure of the table? According to Leader Fabbri, nutritionist biologist, and science communicator with numerous masters in nutrition and health, it is enough to follow small “save summer” strategies to stay fit while eating.

How what, and when do you eat

Fabbri has always taught me how to eat healthily and with tools applicable to everyday life. A pragmatic method to develop a food conscience and eat in a balanced way, without going crazy with calculations or calories. A principle that proves to be successful, especially in moments such as summer holidays, where there is a tendency to “lower the defenses” and relax, and there is no way to keep everything under control from the point of view of nutrition. Always dealing with one’s diet with”balance” means staying fit and healthy on vacation days and throughout the year. How, what, and when you eat is more important than how much you eat. Take your phone and enjoy australian pokes online in your off time.

How to balance meals

Between a rich breakfast and a good gourmet dinner, enjoying the specialties of the area accompanied by good wine, it is strategic to put a lighter and more frugal lunch in the middle. A small toast, a sandwich with turkey or chicken, or a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh vegetables, melon or watermelon are the ideal trick to stay in shape without too many sacrifices. Moreover, they are simple and quick to consume during a walk in the mountains or a day at the beach.

Protein for breakfast

Being satisfied and gratifying in the morning allows you to better manage hunger during the rest of the day. The most loved part of the holiday, especially for those staying at the hotel, is the rich continental breakfast you cannot and should not give up. It is allowed to indulge yourself at the buffet, enjoying the typical sweets, homemade cakes, crepes, and pancakes, but do not forget to always include a protein source, such as eggs or cold cuts, for example. A balance will help keep blood sugar stable for the next few hours and be satiated for longer.

Yes to snacks

Whether it’s mid-morning or mid-afternoon, teasing something between meals is useful for not getting hungry at the table and thus increasing the portions of high-glycemic carbohydrates. Ideal fresh or oily fruit, a piece of cheese, or a yogurt. Hunger will be appeased, and we will avoid overdoing the main meals. Enjoy your snacks while playing online casino usa.

An empty stomach workout

Practicing physical activity while on vacation is a good way to avoid getting heavy. For example, in the morning before breakfast, a walk, a run, or some exercise before the meal can be useful to ensure consistency concerning what we have done during the year and allow us to present ourselves at breakfast with the liver and muscle sugar deposits more empty, and therefore ready to be filled without risk at breakfast.