New Puppy 101: 5 Top Tips

Getting a new pup is one of the most exciting times in a pet owner’s life. Your days will be filled with loving snuggles, long walks in the park and you will get a loyal, best friend out of it too. However, it can also be a daunting time for new dog owners. As a pet owner, you will need to make sure your new furry friend settles in well and that they live a long, happy life. Here are a few top tips to help your new puppy thrive.

Create a Puppy-Safe Environment

Puppies are inquisitive animals. They will get into every nook and cranny just to satisfy their curiosity. This includes open trash cans and accessible cupboards. Make sure you keep your puppy safe by removing potential hazards. This could include swapping your open bin with a closed one and putting safety latches on cupboards. Your new friend doesnot know what is toxic and they will most likely get into trouble if you donot scout out the hazards first.

Fill Your Home with Puppy Essentials

Your new pup will need a collar, a tag, a comfortable bed to rest in, dog food, and food and water bowls. Not to mention you will want treats and toys to spoil fido with too. Although your new pup might be too young to go for walks, prepare yourself with all the essentials so that you have them on hand once they are ready. This includes a leash, poop bags and a harness. Just remember that your pup will not stay the same size forever, so be prepared to buy additional items as they grow. In addition, some dogs feel safe when they are in an enclosed space. A suitably-sized crate will not go amiss if you plan on introducing crate training.

Visit a Vet

As a new dog owner it is your job to look after your pet’s welfare. This means registering with a local vet and vaccinating your dog. For pet owners based in Midlothian, this Midlothian vet offers affordable pet care and can help you look after your new puppy. They can provide you with sound advice on how to care for a new dog and will address any concerns or queries you may have.

Dog Training Classes

A great way to ensure good behavior in your pet, including playing well with animals and strangers, is to socialize them from an early age. By joining a good dog training class you can expose your pooch to other dogs and teach them manners too. Training classes are an excellent way to bond with your dog, they will also enable you to meet other dog owners who you can share dog training tips with.

Doggy Diet Tips

Do your research into the best type of food for your particular breed and provide them with the highest quality food you can afford. Whether you decide to feed kibble, wet food or you opt for a raw diet, get to know your pup and be attentive to what they enjoy. Donot forget, adult dogs can handle a lot more than puppies, always consult your vet for advice before trying something new.