Hello Doggie – 2 Things Your Dog Will Definitely Love!

Dogs are simple animals that do not ask for much, but the more you show them your love, the more love you receive back so even if the dog is not asking for anything doing something that makes it happy will get you back definite benefits in the love department.

It is difficult zeroing in on the exact things to focus on to make your dog the most happy because dogs are so different and there are so many things that can make them happy. However there are some things that no matter the dog it will put a doggie smile on its face and yours too.

So go down this list and by the time to get to the end you will have a recipe for doggie love and happiness.

Buy Your Doggie Outfits

For dogs lovers who do it, they know dogs love to put on clothing. There is something about the attention they get when it is put on and when others see them that makes them get extremely happy when mommy or daddy is dressing them up in a sweater or a t-shirt from Hello Doggie or some other top doggie clothing designer. You can choose from a large variety of styles and fabrics. So if the temperature drops your pooch can be both stylish and warm and if the outfit is only for fashion, there are fabrics that will not make your puppy too hot even as it sets fashion trends. Now dogs like humans like to change outfits, so you should buy several for your dog and be prepared to get matching collars and leashes also.

Be Consistent – The most well behaved and happy dogs are one with owners who create routines for them.  Dogs love structure. They like to know that every morning and evening there will be a walk through the park and on weekends you head out to the dog park. They like to know when dinner will usually be served and where they will sleep each night. This consistency causes them to be much less stressed. Remember dogs only know what you present to them. A constantly changing lifestyle and people causes lots of confusion. So aim to be consistent with your dog and it will be much happier because of it.

Always Have a Positive Attitude With Your Dog

Many dog owners don’t realize how sensitive their dogs are. Dogs are not only very emotional, they can also sense energy whether it is negative or positive. In fact sometimes just a look from you can put your dog in a particular mood.

So be cautious regarding your mood and tone around your dog. Owners who are constantly yelling at and punishing their dogs when the dog makes a mistake end up with afraid dogs who exhibit really bad behaviors. Hitting your dog is even worse. Dogs who have endured violence from the owners live shorter less happy lives. They also strike out and bite unpredictably. Your dog wants to please you and is trying to exhibit the behaviors you want. But the dog may not understand or may need other techniques you may not have tried or are even aware of. If you want to stop your dog from a consistently exhibiting a bad behavior, learn some dog training techniques based around steering your dog to different positive behaviors, or hire a trainer. This will bring you and your dog closer together and create an unbreakable bond. In the end you will both be happier.