Make Your Showcase Attractive and Creative!

Do you want to boost sales and attract new customers by retaining the accustomed, but you don’t know how to do it? Simple, make your showcase more attractive by following the small but essential tips stolen from the most popular visual merchandisers and window dressers of the moment. Amaze passers-by and patrons in a few steps by choosing the right setting and clothing items, thanks to these few rules.

The ideal clothing items for the shop window

To always have an attractive and creative window, it is necessary to insert the right clothing items or, in general, the most captivating products sold in the store. First, it is essential to use only seasonal garments and accessories and then offer a valid and ideal proposal for the moment and the climate, always presenting it at its best. The must-haves will be the clothes of the moment, the most fashionable ones that every customer would like: the parkas. This shawl is back in fashion and is ideal for mid-seasons. Oversized coats in boiled wool and long-sleeved sweaters are also perfect as an under-jacket. Not only that, a showcase that works and attracts customers are also the best-selling garments that are appreciated by the general public. In this case, let yourself be guided by your wholesale clothing retailer, who will undoubtedly be able to tell you which are the highlights of the current collection. Finally, insert accessories such as bags, scarves, hats, and belts without exaggerating. Always suggest complete and versatile outfits, which the customer can customize using bijou or other recommended accessories. A good showcase will give you pleasure to play online pokies for australians.

The scenographic elements

A good shop window must not only be clean, tidy, and captivating from a merchandise point of view but also emotionally involve the customer, say the visual merchandisers of Via Stendhal. This is why they suggest creating a story thanks to the exposure and the choice of colors and scenography. They also use trendy elements such as the 80s and 90s objects that will surely attract emotions and stimulate the memories of many customers. However, the surrounding features must be few and well chosen, of a size appropriate to the space available in the window. They must be in good condition and similar to the buyers’ target and tastes and habits. So avoid putting in toys and other references to motherhood if you sell clothing, especially for very young and single girls. Once you made a good sales it will give you a chance to visit best online casino usa.

The mannequins and displays are at the right height

Another critical point for an effective display concerns the positioning of any mannequins and displays. Generally, it is always better not to crowd the window and use a few decorative elements. Still, a couple of supports can help you make the goods, especially the clothing, more attractive. For example, thanks to a mannequin, you can suggest an entire outfit and convey a good captivation that the customer can quickly identify. However, what is very important is to arrange the most captivating goods around the focal point, that is, at the eye level of the passer-by. In this way, the eye will be immediately struck by these dresses, and only later will it explore the rest of the showcase. Please note that focal height garments must be chosen with care. They must be among the most beautiful on sale or among the season’s best sellers.

The groupings by color and pattern

In the attractive and creative window, not even the colors and patterns should be neglected, which must stimulate the customer’s imagination and convince him to enter. It is essential to create combinations that are pleasant and easy to wear but also refined and original. For this, it will be ideal to follow the brand’s guidelines or rely on the manufacturer’s advice. Not only that, you will have to suggest outfits, and for example, you could combine a shirt with a dark background and stylized green flowers with a jacket with buttons in buclĂ© style, Also in green and capable of taking up the nuances of flowers. These are the season’s must-have colors, and you can easily mix them using the solid color of a coat with frogs or highlighting the prints with maxi flowers of light and versatile blouses and dresses. The combinations are endless but avoid using multiple patterns in a single showcase unless you are exceptionally skilled with the mix match.

Beware of unsold items.

Be very careful of unsold items, or at least those that have not been very successful, and remove them from the window, or at least do not make them the absolute protagonists of this one. But to re-evaluate them, you can, for example, make them passé part out garments to be combined with must-have clothes. For example, a light solid color shirt can become an excellent under-jacket or be combined with a patterned skirt, a sweater, or a denim jacket. You will also have to use your imagination and skills as a trendsetter and personal shopper and suggest glamorous outfits.

How often to change the layout of the shop window

A window that works must change often and entice the passer-by to stop and enter the shop. The clothing items must be turned off constantly, and the experts suggest changing the layout of the shop window, or at least the items on offer, at least every 15 days. In this way, the customer will understand that you have a wide range of products and that it is appropriate to buy a garment immediately before it runs out. You will also transmit attention and care towards the trends of the moment. The visuals of the Via Stendhal brand also suggest changing the colors of the window and perhaps keeping the brand’s topic garments but combining them from time to time with others of different shades always to present something new and convey trust and professionalism, as well as originality to the potential customer.