Wearing Heels

In & Out, What to Do or Not To Do When Wearing Heels

If someone were to ask which accessory is most loved by women, the answer would be spontaneous: shoes. Even men would know how to answer. There are all types, suitable for all women, for all tastes, combinable with any garment, of any material and color. And the most extraordinary thing is that women would like them all. High heels, low heels, wedges, double heels are available for any time, also because it is always an excellent opportunity to wear shoes with heels. Furthermore, choosing the right shoe is very important for a woman. In addition to being the symbol of femininity par excellence, she also notes who owns it. The posture that the woman assumes when she wears them is important, because she points to refinement and sensuality.

Why are women so attracted to heels?

A woman could waste endless hours in the shoe sector of a store. Have you ever wondered why? A woman imagines the shoe of her dreams of her and when she walks into a store she is looking for her and if she does not find it, however, her brain suggests that she buy a pair. She looks at all the shoes, tries them on, she looks in the mirror and then there are those who buy them immediately and those who say that she will come back to buy them. And then, the next day she is really there because the thought of her has always been at that moment. This is because shoes represent a woman’s personality, as well as a passion. Of course, this can also be an obsession and there are also those who buy them because she knows that the man is attracted to them. Those who wear the heeled shoe want to attract attention and want to be sensual. Who chooses the wedge? A confident woman can play online pokies australia.

When to wear them?

The various models of heeled shoes are used on different occasions. Wedges are recommended, to be worn under trousers and jeans, to go to the bar with friends and / or colleagues. But we prefer to wear them during the day. In the case of very short skirts, you could wear thin heels, but not very high in order not to be vulgar and, above all, to be comfortable. The low heel, however, is to be avoided under long skirts, because it shortens the figure. In the afternoon, wider heels are recommended. In the evening, however, it is time for the highest and sexiest heels. A great dress will give you confidence to play casino en ligne canada.

What to do when wearing heels?

The most important thing, perhaps the main rule, is to know how to walk in heels. Very often, we see girls who, in order to be feminine, risk communicating the opposite given the inability to walk.

Among women, the so-called survival kit is widespread. In order to make them more comfortable and not suffer much, the kit includes transparent patches and silicone pads, to always carry with you. If you are wearing heels, surely the advice is to walk slowly. They are not worn if you are in a hurry or if the evening includes long walks on uncomfortable floors.

Posture is essential. Try to bring your body weight more on your heels to balance it. Follow an imaginary line, so as to put one foot in front of the other and not walk in a messy, zigzag-like way.

Once you get home, take care of your feet with a nice pedicure. Dip them in a basin with coarse salt or baking soda and massage them.

What not to do when wearing heels?

Our feet, after a day spent on heels, are affected. Whether they are low or high, heels make you tired. It doesn’t matter if in the middle of the day, the pain becomes excessive; the advice is to never take them off. Very often, women think that by taking them off for a moment, they rest their feet to resume walking in an easier way. The effect will be exactly the opposite. The feet swell once out of the heels and putting the shoes back on will be a little painful. Another thing to avoid when wearing heels is running or long walks. This type of footwear is certainly not suitable for walking a lot. You have to pay attention to the stairs, but above all to driving.

There is no rule of the road that prohibits driving in heels, but it is not a safe way, as well as not easy. In the event of an accident, however, the situation could change. The insurance company cannot prove the cause of the unexpected, but driving is less safe and it is easier to skid, as the heel could slip on the pedal or run into the mat under the pedals.

The clothing, then, wants its part. As aforementioned, very high-heeled shoes are not recommended in case the dress you want to wear is very short. It would not be elegant.