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How to Give Your Home a New Lease of Life

Whether you have lived in your home for some years or have recently moved into an older property, you may have decided that now is the right time to give it a new lease of life. Not only will it make your abode much more comfortable, but it could also add significant value to the property when the time comes to put it back on the market. While living in a property for some time, you may overlook where improvements need to be made. In this case, you may need to take a step back and evaluate some of the most critical jobs, which could instantly revive your property.

Take a look at some of the tips below to give you some ideas on how to give your home a new lease of life:


1. A fresh lick of paint

You may be surprised at how a fresh coat of paint could really uplift your living space. The impact on your daily lifestyle means your walls can become quite dirty and marked over a period of time – especially in the hallway where the effects of pets, muddy shoes and general wear and tear are common. Giving your home a regular lick of paint would be advised; especially if you plan on putting your property on the market in the near future. Buyers will be more interested if there is little work to do so that they are able to move straight in.

2. Adapt the kitchen and bathrooms


Contrary to common belief, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom. These are often the most expensive rooms in the home to renovate, but all it takes is a few modifications here and there to achieve the same result if you’re on a strict budget. This may be as simple as changing or painting the cupboard doors or re-tiling the walls and floors from Tile Shop Guiseley to alter the color scheme.

3. Change up your front garden


The exterior of your property including the garden gives an instant impression of you, before visitors have even met you or set foot in your home, therefore, it’s important to make it as presentable as possible. You could consider a full landscaping project, which is the more expensive option but boosting curb appeal could be as simple as adding bedding plants, changing the front door or jet washing the driveway.

4. Convert the attic into another room


If your property has an unused attic, you should contemplate making it into a livable room in order to make the most of the property. This would be especially true if you are planning on extending your family but do not wish to move property for the sake of location or financial reasons. Not only will it make your space less cramped and cluttered but would also be a clever investment for the future, by potentially adding significant value when the time comes to sell up.