winter car accident

How to Avoid Car Accidents During The Winter

The winter months cause chaos amongst drivers and if you drive it is important that you understand the steps which you need to take in order to stay safe this winter. Car accidents triple on the road during the winter months and this is a cause for much concern. There are many steps however which you can take to ensure that you are doing all that you can to avoid getting involved in an accident and we have got some top tips on how you can do just that. You can never completely avoid an accident of course, there is always the chance that someone else’s mistake could involve you, but it is still important that you do your part when it comes to safety.

Important Points

It is worth noting that you should be prepared for all eventualities in winter and before the months arrive, you should make sure that you have breakdown cover and a live warranty. If your warranty has ran out then you can extend it with companies such as Accelerated Service International who can give you the aded security should anything go wrong.

Car Check Up

One way in which you can avoid accidents is to ensure that you take your car for a thorough checkup before the winter months arrive. Areas of the car such as tire tread and the levels of brake fluid and antifreeze which you have in the car are vitally important and many accidents that take place in winter come as the result of cars not being properly checked over before the colder weather kicks in.

Driving Style

The large majority of accidents which take place in the winter occur because people fail to alter their driving style and continue driving as if conditions were perfect. For this reason it is vital that you drive with even more care and attention on the road than ever before. The winter months are fraught with danger and things such as black ice can cause real issues. In terms of how you drive, you should be looking at driving much slower, allowing more time for braking distances and giving other road users far more warning than normal before making a turn or stopping. In short, your focus needs to be much higher during winter if you are looking to avoid becoming another accident statistic.

Do You Need to Drive? 

When road conditions worsen, it is important that you ask yourself whether or not driving is absolutely necessary. There are many other options instead of driving such as public transport or car pooling and if you decide on these options then you can completely eradicate any risk of accidents on the road. The less cars that there are on the road, the better it is for everyone and if you don’t really need to drive, then don’t do it. 

The key to all of this is ensuring that your car is fit for purpose and that you are driving with as much car as possible.