Gifts for your first anniversary

Without realizing it, a year has passed since the day they became husband and wife. Those are 365 days of teachings, emotions, fights, laughter, movie nights, travel, dreams and challenges fulfilled. Surely you know everything about your partner, both their virtues and flaws, so it will be very easy to know what to give as an anniversary gift or not?

In case you did not know, the first year of marriage is popularly known as wedding paper , so, as its name says, you must give something done with this material. Who would want something made of paper as a gift? You would be amazed at how many beautiful things you can do to remind your partner how lucky you are to have her in your life.


Here you have several options; you can give him a notebook where you record something cute on the cover. And even, include on your first page a list of reasons why you consider the best husband.


Many people are already lazy to print their photos and prefer to have them on the computer. Why not print all the ones that have been taken that first year and put them in a scrapbook?

Buy airline tickets

They no longer give them as before, now they only send the notification via email. However, print the confirmation and hand the paper with the passages to a heavenly place.

Give a box with a message

It can be from what you like most of it or also the lyrics of your favorite song or the one you danced at your wedding.

Photo shoot

Ask your wedding photographer to assist you in an anniversary session and place them in the house to remove those from the wedding.