Common Discounts After Age 50 To Take Advantage Of

Aging is something that most people do not want to think about. It means grey hair, aching joints, and discounts after 50. Aging is not anything to worry about as it does have plenty of perks including senior discounts in many areas that you might not even think about.

Membership Discounts

One of the most common discounts is memberships. This can be anything from an AARP membership to a Costco membership and other discounts for things like CVS, Kmart pharmacy, Narcup, and more. Many companies offer these memberships to seniors at a discount to help encourage them to get out and use the membership. This type of discount is often reflective of the fact that seniors are often operating on a lesser income, and they still want to be able to do things and have memberships but might not want to pay full price.

Dining and Services

Many restaurants, including those chain restaurants and even fast-food restaurants. The most common discount for restaurants is age-specific percentages off of your total order. A great example can be A & W offers 10% off of your order, Backyard Burger offers a free drink with your purchase, and Dairy Queen offers 10% off as well. There are tons of restaurants that have discounts based on age and just as many honor your AARP membership and offer discounts based on your current membership status.

Store Discounts

There are also plenty of stores that offer discounts based on age. Grocery stores are some of the most common that offer a percentage off on top of other savings they may offer. Fred Meyer stores for example offers a 10 to 15% discount based on what department you are shopping in. Publix also offers 5% off on Wednesdays for those that are over the age of 60.

Other Deals

There are also plenty of services like your phone, certain retail stores, and more that offer discounts based on age. For those stores or services that do not offer a discount by simply showing your license or letting them know your age, you can often use an AARP card to get a discount.

Where to Start

When it comes to finding out what discounts you might qualify for it is always a great idea to start by asking. If you are in a store or a restaurant you can ask if there is a senior discount and you may be surprised that there is. You can also sign up for discounts on different websites, you can sign up for savings cards, and you can sign up for AARP. If you are new to discounts or you want to get the best discount range, AARP is certainly a great place to start. A quick internet search can help you find the right discount for you and find out what you might be eligible for.

There are so many great discounts that you can apply for or that you can simply qualify for based on showing your ID and proving that you are in fact eligible for the senior discount. Discounts are a great way of making your money go further, of helping to get more for your money, and being able to do fun things without having to spend all of your money on them. The right discounts can save you hundreds and can really make a positive impact on your bank account and on how much you are spending each month. Saving money is a wonderful thing and a good senior discount can surely help you to save hundreds over time and over the years.