adopting a newborn

Adopting a Newborn: Your Questions Answered

The process of adopting a newborn can be long, complicated and expensive. However, the rewards of parenting a newborn are worth the commitment. If you are considering adoption, this guide will help answer your questions and make your adoption process as smooth as possible!

What Is the Process of Adopting a Newborn?

Typically, the steps for newborn adoption California are:

  1. Choose an adoption agency.
  2. Complete a home study.
  3. Get connected with adoption opportunities.
  4. Interview with the birth parents.
  5. Finalize the adoption.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of adoption is dependent on many factors, including state laws, the age and number of children you have, the type of adoption, agency fees and counsel costs. Private adoptions for infants can cost anywhere between $8,000-$25,000.

Do You Have To Adopt Through an Agency?

There are many benefits to adopting through an agency. It is much easier to find information about the type of child you are looking for, and agencies have staff to help with the complicated legal process.

If you choose to adopt privately, there may be more challenges finding a child. Many people who adopt privately do not post their children on a public website. In addition, when adopting privately, you may need a lawyer to help with the legal aspects of adoption.

When Should You Start Considering Adoption?

The perfect time to adopt is when you are ready. There is no “right” age or stage when a person should start considering adoption.

It can also depend on your current living situation, your income level, and whether or not you are already a parent to other children. If you live in a large home and make more than $75k annually, adopting a newborn may be much easier than living in an apartment with little space or do not make enough money to afford another child care expense like daycare.


Whether your family is complete or not, there are various factors to consider when deciding whether to adopt a baby. A well-planned, well-thought-out decision can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

Here are some things to consider before adopting a newborn:

  • Adopting private vs. through an agency
  • How much does it cost to adopt?
  • What does adopting a baby mean for my family?
  • When should I start considering adoption for my family?
  • Does adopting a newborn involve any risks?

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you make this decision for the right reasons. Adopting a baby is not easy and should not be taken lightly. But if you’re considering adoption because you want a child and give them a loving family, then know that you’re in the right place. Having the opportunity to share this life with a little one can be an amazing experience.