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5 Reinvigorating Beauty and Spa Treatments

You deal with a lot of stress — between work, family and everything else in your busy schedule, you’re probably well overdue for a bit of relaxation! Luckily, there are countless spa and beauty procedures at your disposal. Here are five rejuvenating treatments you need to try.

Oxygen Facial

Oxygen is known to offer some pretty impressive benefits to the body, and an oxygen facial is a great way to clean and exfoliate your skin. This luxurious treatment uses high-pressure oxygen streams to soothe and cleanse the epidermis, resulting in a brighter, healthier complexion. These facials are performed by aestheticians and may be accompanied by other treatments.

Cool Sculpting

If you’re dealing with unwanted body fat, cool sculpting is a fantastic noninvasive body contouring treatment Virginia Beach you can try. Cool Sculpting is the process of freezing fat cells, which causes them to die and break down. This technique allows the outer layer of body fat to be contoured, shaped and reduced however you like. Cool Sculpting carries a significantly lower risk of unwanted side effects or injuries than procedures like liposuction.

Zero Gravity Massage

Using specialized massage chairs that loosen tense muscles and decompress the spine, zero gravity massage is a completely hands-free experience. There’s no massage therapist involved; your chair does all the work and the results are on par with that of a professional masseuse. This treatment is known to help with posture, blood circulation and bodily alignment, and you can enjoy all these benefits without being touched by another person.

Mud Mask

Facial treatment masks have been around for centuries, and mud masks are one of the most reliable treatments for dry, uncomfortable skin. These masks are packed with nourishing ingredients that help unclog pores, soothe irritated skin and remove dirt, debris and dead cells. The result is a silken complexion and a healthy glow. You can even use this type of mask on your entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Tried and true, deep tissue massage is a treatment that doesn’t disappoint. Your masseuse will typically work through your back with slow, deep movements that help relax the innermost layer of muscles. This usually leads to a reduction in scar tissue related to muscular tension, which allows your body to relax into its natural position. While deep tissue massage is commonly used for sports injuries, it’s also extremely helpful for everyday stress and pain.

You work hard and deserve to relax and pamper yourself. These spa treatments are fool-proof methods for unwinding and letting go of stress and tension.